Would you like be a Freelance Writer . By Stephen Sheldon

by:LETIAN     2020-06-19
Years ago, when my hair was more luxuriant, I was hitch-hiking on Sydney's northern beaches whenever a white Porsche pulled up and though the rear offered me a ride. We got talking. He ran a small advertising agency in North Sydney, i asked him if he ever needed a copy writer. He said he did. So i told him I would be a writer, and he said arrive on in for a live chat. Next day, I went in, and he commissioned me to write a puff-piece about totally new car product his firm was retailing. He liked what I written. And so began my illustrious writing career. Some 30 years, while some career gyrations later, that i'm still having. And I'm still enjoying this sometimes lucrative, occasionally precarious lifestyle. I've written corporate videos, posters, brochures, books, histories, and headlines on an absurd range of subjects. I've been a sports writer and editor, covering over 20 different games. And I have been Australian correspondent for United Press International, writing on everything from refugees towards the famed Madonna fence-post of Coogee. I've interviewed politicians, unionists, sports stars, religious leaders, scientists, businessmen and bad guys. With the advantages of mobile technology, I once interviewed the boss of a typical major Australian gold mining company while pushing my toddler on a swing in Queens Park, and taking notes with my free hand. So, what does it take to be a freelance writer? Here's my 10-point recipe. 1. Relax. Freelance writing can be stressful. Challenging budgets, deadlines and clients can all upset your equilibrium, for let them. 2. Reproduce. Teenage sons can solve your main computing inquiries. If you don't have ready access to teenage boys, start fixing it. 3. Find a partner having a steady profit coming in. No need to explain this one. 4. Have fun. Get out and enjoy your non-office conditions. Remember: while you're at a fitness center working on ones abs, other medication is stuck in commuter traffic working on apps. 5. Enjoy coffee. Freelance home writers and editors are often at the end of the process chain, so be prepared for the occasional all-nighter. 6. Keep 'em proud. In the words of Simon and Garfunkel: keep buyer satisfied. 7. Have confidence. It's okay - the phone will ring again. 8. Just say realize. Small projects often lead to bigger info. Dull projects often lead to interesting choices. 9. Love the run. When you're not busy, hit the phones. 10. Distract yourself - play guitar, draw, do yoga, go of a run. Fill out the spaces doing anyone enjoy. Stephen Sheldon is a Sydney-based freelance writer and editor. His business, Email the Point, works businesses and government departments across Australia and dangerous. Stephen Sheldon have worked like a reporter for wire services, newspapers and magazines, feature writer, editor, and copywriter. To understand more about copy writing, editing and Stephen Sheldon himself please follow: world wide
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