Will Pakistan Cricket Recover On this Latest Scandal?

by:LETIAN     2020-06-03
What has happened to Pakistan Cricket? A country full of cricket admirers has experienced a roller coaster ride following their team in recent times with one scandal after one other. The most recent involves three of their most highly rated players in a Court case currently under way in London, England. Salman Butt the Captain, is accused alongside his two top pace bowlers, Muhammed Asif, who was at the time self-worth and best bowler in Test cricket and teenage sensation Muhammed Aamer, at just 18yrs old last summer had the world at his feet, it was his feet that resulted in his downfall when he and Asif bowled no balls upon the instruction of their captain Salman Butt who was supposedly working with dubious player agent Mazhar Majeed. A once proud cricket nation which has repeatedly produced superbly talented and flair players, players who have invented terms which are currently common to cricket, regarding example Saqlain Mushtaq's doosra, as well as the reverse swing made famous by the legendary Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, a country people referred to the Brazil of Cricket has slowly become a laughing stock of Cricket caused by player power, scandal after scandal and a power hungry Cricket board led by Ijaz Butt harvest seem to know what he is actually trying to achieve. The three players have already received lengthy bans, Muhammed Aamer has received a 5yr ban, Muhammed Asif provides been no stranger to controversy throughout his career received 7yrs and the captain Salman Butt received the most with 10yrs. It can be doesn't finish there, rumours are have been three more players embroiled in the area fixing allegations, one of those is not presently in the side, another has lately been axed but the third will be creating a comeback into the team this month in Pakistan's next series against Sri Lanka. Can Pakistan Cricket pull through out of your loss these players caused? History indicates Pakistan will surely throw up a brand youngster with enough ability to woo the cricketing fraternity again, but Pakistan cricket has held it's place in a state of upheaval since the 2003 World Window. When it finally seemed like had been returning to their standing of amongst the top level teams in the World, their coach Bob Woolmer suffered cardiac arrest and passed away after Pakistan were ousted in the first stage of society Cup in 3 years ago. Again in recent times Pakistan have displayed they can switch it on having reached the semi finals on the T20 World Cup and the 50 over World Cup but with captain Shahid Afridi retiring again and then coach Waqar Younis leaving, Pakistan having yet another episode into the a mystery. In the meantime, if you are a Pakistan cricket enthusiast, your best bet may be in order to to goto a personal game price comparison site and have a browse at some of the great Cricket games on show, take into account . the one placed you know where may play with Pakistan and not worry that as you are in control, there will not be any distressing news at the end of the sports! Games can make great affordable gifts so why dont you visit a personal game price comparison website and save - money and look for a great deal your own own or a friend. Find a great deal they'll never forget at
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