Ways to Surive The Coming Deflation

by:LETIAN     2020-07-05
By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU How will be able to survive the arrival deflation. I am here point out we have had our runaway inflation or hyperinflation led by our spendthrift representatives in government in cahoots with government employees Reserve Bank a monopoly and fraudulent cartel. Definitely know the Anglo financial power elite who control all 100 central banks in the world, Just as FED, are intending to period freedom including your money from a worldwide fringe movement. I call them BANKSTERS! You can call them the Master Class who plunder us with the actual usage of of bailouts and currency debasement however only initiate chaos and misery your coming deflation and GREATER DEPRESSION. Can we just quit and permit them to totally control us cradle to burial plot? It an effort to pave approach for global governance and a new worldwide currency. You are their snookered pawn. The pernicious politics of a bankrupt Washington, a Federal Reserve that took the price of the dollar down to two cents and the elite's Wall Street buddies who carted off the booty to tax free accounts in the Cayman Islands have concluded in the ruin of the moral fabric of the world. Why do you think America could be the policeman and the foreign aid source through-out the world? It was to bankrupt and weaken us for the takeover. The Occupy Wall Street movement should metastasize their anger on top of the mega rich elite - not feds. The Occupy Wall Street government protest is actually another smokescreen to divert attention from the elite whilst they take our freedom and liberty. The moral hazard grows the brand new size men and women debt and financial oppression. Welcome accomplish totalitarian tyranny! Next there comes world deflation and hyperdeflation. There is not a thing anyone can do about it except get out of debt and uncover liquid face-to-face. However, most people are in denial on how to survive next deflation and think inflation will come roaring back. IT WON'T. Don't forget issues . of contrary opinion has never been disproved. The elite plan is to make us so miserable men and women concede a few one world government. Our only hope is the depression will mean less tax revenue thereby de funding government profligacy . The coming deflation in order to two times larger as well as two times longer than the 1930's Depression. Globe will the newest pain with the cure for credit inflation - a nasty credit deflation economy along with the rest from the Greater Depression which actually started which wanted to 2000 with the dot com stock peak and bubble mania ending. Real estate, stocks and the majority of assets will drop 90% from peak and bottom in years 2016 to 2018. Even gold, release true money may drop in half or more by subsequently. Unemployment will be 30% or more. It is not a pretty picture IT Will certainly BE More important TO Have the RETURN Of the CAPITAL In order to HAVE A return ON YOUR CAPITAL On the YEARS Early. The world economy actually peaked using the dot com stock market climax blow-off top in 2000. First real estate tanked in 2006. Then stock markets the worldwide experienced an appreciable 13 year top. Recently, gold generally seems to have topped out by using a reflation most of $1,912 per ounce. Next, bond prices will tank as the eye rate rises and amazingly the value of the Oughout.S. dollar will soar. How can that you should be? Remarkably, Budgets are KING in the deflationary despair. Its value increases as aspects loses price. You could possibly buy a more impressive and better home free as a bird if it's your call . wait and hold in order to cash until the bottom of the crash in 2016 - 2018. The dollar may strengthen through the world money markets. The elite have had it with your money they lend out losing any more fashion. Deflation means the stock markets as well as an other assets crash. The Dow will fall below 1,000. Prices will not come back for many, many years. The buy and hold investment strategy (because in the long term you will come out ok) does not work when the deep, dark, dangerous and GREATER DEPRESSION comes a-knocking every 80 to century. The world is experiencing the ending associated with the eighty-year Kondratiev wave business cycle that went way overboard due to wholesale fiat paper money creation and fractional reserve banking. The world economy morphed into a digital money creation credit inflation climax binge. High unemployment is establishing a snowball effect - a vicious circle cycle of layoffs upon more layoffs. People don't buy as much. Then businesses have to fire more workers because sales are slow, methodical. This is the 'Multiplier Effect' in economics in reverse. Look it up. It eats itself. Plus, it goes a lot faster en route down compared to the way up. No one, including government employees government, can stop the deflation pendulum from swinging all tips to depression. The only cure for inflation is deflation - it's a healing project. Read our articles. Barack Hussein Obama, a community organizer (communizer) from the politically corrupt city of Chicago is really a for sure socialist and should well often be a communist/Marxist turning fascist upon us. Fascism is when an innovator bashes business people and the military into submission, then runs roughshod the actual judicial, legislative and executive branches of government. Bad news! His ideas are in direct contrast of the capitalism and free enterprise that made this nation really good. What do you think created your job opportunities? Where are the jobs when the government project is applied? Obama is ruining the U.S. Constitution and making things worse with his Marxist tax the rich class warfare, his socialist progressive ideas like ObamaCare (a rationing and euthanasia scheme so a new TAX) and his taking our freedom and liberty with heaps of the latest laws and regulations. A carbon TAX is additionally. Obama, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alan Greenspan and John Maynard Keynes along another thing other social scientists and bureaucrats of both political parties include the whose names will be mud in the foreseeable future for spending us into oblivion by growing the strength of government as agents for your nefarious Anglo financial power elite fringe movement. This isn't what our freedom favoring founding fathers had as the primary goal when they wrote the Constitution. As outlined by them, money was become specie (not an alien life form attached with spaceship) - real gold, silver and copper silver and gold coins. Look it up. The US Constitution still says all money tend to be specie to this day. These fascist, new world order a single world government ideas are TYRANNY. We need to stand up for our rights and LIBERTY everywhere we can or we can kiss this FREEDOM good-bye. We will soon be told what to do, tips on how to act, how to work, in order to live exactly what to guess. Is this the life men and women for youngsters and your children's teens? I don't think so. Don't no way was the central banking low price price fix and excess money supplement that caused unfortunately. The banksters may have used up with regard to an astounding $50 trillion dollars to bail out the 2008 world crisis. They will want it all (and more) back. Bank and corporate bailouts always mean the taxpayer contains the bill, it makes no difference. Stand up and definitely free market thinker for the children's benefit. Be a contrarian. Be a renegade. Live your life to the fullest. These are historic working days. The internet reformation is spreading truth and data just like the Gutenberg did press 500 years ago by printing bibles for typical mistakes man. Don't back within! Protect the constitution's principles. The constitution becomes hammered by Barack Hussein Obama at this moment. Do not trust the fraudulent cartel and monopoly the Federal Reserve. Accredited trap! The FED works best for the Anglo financial power elite (who actually own the corporate - not traded on any exchange - shares). The elite have been slowly making an effort to take our LIBERTY contemplating FED was formed in secret back in 1913 and have absolutely used wars and now the global warming myth as smokescreens to have our freedoms. The marketplace order is appropriate out of George Orwell's book '1984.' A 'Big Brother' one world government scheme in the disguise from a cap-and-trade carbon emissions world organization (AND TAX) is next. To be able to probably be controlled through IMF (International Monetary Fund), the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) or exciting world of Bank top quality the Anglo financial power elite are produced in ultimate reduce. Beware of an one world currency! Beware the mainstream press! These people owned and co-opted using the elite. Our paper money is as simple as fiat. Which usually is French for, 'let it's made.' It is actually a big Ponzi pyramid scheme. Avoid FIAT MONEY IT ALWAYS LEADS TO MORAL Decompose! Lobby, support and subscribe to personal money backed by gold or else inflation comes roaring back after 2016. Don't let government control the money ever any more. Only gold is not someone's debt. Only gold is honest money. Gold mine stock prices and dividends soared in the 1930 depression, by method. Why? Well, they were mining capital. 'Be Prepared' is the Boy Scout motto. Join Club EWI (Elliott Wave International) at links inside my site as well as get your free 90 page 'Deflation Advice.' I am an Eagle Scout - Trustworthy, Loyal and Honest with you. More. Copyright 2011 by Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DUFLATION GURU Use want to know , allowed with credit to be able to
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