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by:LETIAN     2020-06-09
Welcome back Twisted {Metal|Durable aluminum|Aluminum|All steel metal|Blend}! The Twisted Metal franchise first appeared back in 1995 on the PS1, and turned out {to be a|in becoming a|in the form of|to become a|to turn into a} massive success with future releases on the {Ps2|Playstation 2}. This is now 8th instalment of this popular car combat series. This over-the-top, car-combat video game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and this {video game|video gaming|gaming duke nukem forever|launch of video game|pc game} is similar to demolition racing with guns. Participants race over multiple tracks within radical types of vehicles outfitted with {a range of|either|many different|lots of|a selection of} types of weaponry - the winner of each race being the only contestant living. Within the single-player campaign of this game, players attempt to attain victory within Calypso's 'Last Man Standing' Contest. Every event course is a battlefield with an 'end-of-the-world' backdrop, additionally the racing environments can also be {destroyed|eliminated|defeated|wrecked|erased}. There are seventeen provided vehicles to select from for every single event, and each one {can be|could be} modified - using {a huge number of|many|countless|a large number of|1000s of} custom options for {all vehicles|automobiles|cars|autos sold in the} together with an enormous choice of weapons. Players play as one {of four|of 4|of four years old} playable personalities, who are Mr. Grimm, The Preacher, Dollface and Sweet Tooth, and every character {has a|gets a|capabilities|offers a|rrncludes a} different game-story with 3 potential endings. This game includes a Cooperative option by which two gamers can {enjoy the|utilize the|benefit from the|experience the|see the} single-player story by helping one another. Multiplayer is well catered for, {and there|right now there|generally there|presently there} are seven available multiplayer game-modes, and as many as sixteen gamers can compete in multiplayer {contests|battles|events|challenges|prize draws}. This game furthermore contains a split screen option, offering a 4-player split-screen option in offline games, in addition to a 2-player split-screen option in online games. FEATURES: 4 Available Characters - The 4 playable personas {within the|within|covering the|throughout the|through the} single-player game are Sweet Tooth (from The Clowns), {Mr|Mister}. Grimm (from The Skulls), Dollface (from The Dolls) and The Preacher (The Preachers). Every playable character has got {its own|unique|particular|a|individual} individual story, {that has|which includes|which|which has|offers} 3 potential conclusions depending on decisions made by {the gamer|the participant}. Over-the-Top Vehicles - There are seventeen vehicle types {to select from|available|from which to choose|available to buy|options to select from} with each vehicle having their own arsenal of {weapons|items|pistols|markers|guns}. Vehicles incorporate Sweet Tooth's famous ice-cream truck which transforms {into a|within a|in the|correct|to a} massive robot, the Reaper, which is Mr. Grimm's motorcycle, Juggernaut which {is an|a great|is actually|is|can be an} 18 wheeled semi-truck, Death Warrant, {which is a|which is actually|the industry|this is a|which is actually a} Ford Mustang, Warthog which is {a tank|a fish tank|an army tank|an aquarium} with a car strapped on top, Talon which {is a|is really a|is often a|can be a} helicopter), and Shadow which is a hearse. Vehicle Enhancement - Every vehicle-type {may be|end up being the|possibly be|end up being|might be} modified with {a huge number of|a large number of|numerous|countless|1000s of} custom modifications {to choose|determine on|to decide|to settle on|come to a decision} from, as well as a enormous choice of {weaponry|firearms|items|guns|weapons}. Vehicle power-ups can be picked up whilst competing in {races|backgrounds|racing|competitions|events}. Various Multi-Player Modes - The game has 7 multiplayer game-modes which {can be|could be} enjoyed online or via the local split screen game mode by {as many as|as much as|around|up to a whopping|possibly} 4 players. Included multiplayer game modes are Death Match, Last Man Standing, Hunted, Team Death Match, Team Last Man Standing, Team Hunted and Nuke. As many as sixteen players may play in multi-player matches. Surroundings that {can be|could be} Destroyed - Players can race over eight distinct maps, with every map including various objects that can be destroyed. Players {can even|even can|may|will|can} demolish large obstacles including the Statue of Liberty, a Ferris Wheel {and even a|or a|or even a} roller coaster. Twisted Metal is planned for launch around 17th Feb, 2012, with {the video|the playback quality|film|motion picture|the recording} game to {be released|launch} exclusively for Sony PS3. The {video game|movie|gaming|pc game|sport} is published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and Eat Sleep Play are the developers for this video game. The PEGI ranking specified for this game is PEGI 18, that means {it will be|this|will probably be|it's going to be|it's going to} appropriate for ages 18 and {upwards|in place|' up '|up wards|further up}. This game will provide multi-player facilities, {and a|which has a|in addition|and also a|and} maximum of 16 participants can {play|engage in|take part in|be|engage}.
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