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by:LETIAN     2020-06-09
If you are {one of|amongst the|one in every of|probably one of|surely} the hundreds of {thousands of|loads of|many hundreds of|myriad of|hundreds of thousands of} fans who have already downloaded the PicDial mobile app, then we {have some|a few} really good news {for you|an individual|anyone personally|a person|for}. We have just {put out|make|invest|released|created} a new release {of the|from the|of your|of this|on the} mobile app that goes way beyond being {just a|merely|easy to access .|just one|only a} simple new and improved piece of mobile {technology|system|know-how|solutions|advances}. PicDial has just released their newest and coolest version of the {mobile app|application tracking service} for the Android {platform|rig|tray bird seed|operating system|stand}! This new app has {a host|a number|a lot|tons|a bunch} of newer features {making it|rendering it|that makes it|which makes it|that} one of the most unique and versatile {social networking|network|internet sites|social network sites|using seo .} utilities available on {the market|current market|the actual marketplace|market place|market} today. We've spent {some time|a short time|a period of time|the time|a long while} improving the mobile application with new text message features and functionality. {In this|In this particular} latest update {of the|among the|of your|within the|from the} mobile application, {a bunch|many|a couple|a good deal|a large amount} if new features have been added including the following: Text (SMS) Popup Notifications with Facebook photo - Receive instant SMS pop-ups with your friend's profile picture and status. Includes quick reply capability {as well|also|too}. Text (SMS) Picture Carousel - Displays your friend's social network picture and status {on the|within|on their own|concerning the|on a} top {half of|a portion of|50 percent|fifty percent|1 / 2} the screen and {the text|the link|the call|the words|the writing} thread {on the|with a|on top of the|towards the|within} bottom half within a dynamic, pimped-out carousel {format|component|design|form|style}. Full Screen Picture {Caller id|Caller identification} - See FULL SCREEN profile pictures & status messages as Caller ID every time you make or {receive a|acquire|find a|obtain|get a} phone call or {text message|wording|text|written text|message}. Favorites Screen - Speed dial or text {your friends|your pals|your mates|good friends|your buddies} by selecting their image from {within the|tied to the|within the|inside the|about the} PicDial favorites screen. Picture Choice - {Choose which|Determine which|Select which|Weigh up which|Pick which} picture {of your|of one's|of the} friends {that you|that you simply|you|may|a person need to} want {to see|figure out|notice|observe|discover} - either their {social network|site|communicate|web 2 . 0|social network site} profile picture or {from your|using your|regarding your|while using the|from your} phone's photo gallery. Crop, fix, or change {any of|any kind of|any one of||all of} your pictures - anywhere, anytime. Address Book Back-Up and Restore - All {of your|of one's|of the} address book contacts are automatically & securely {backed up|stored|supported|protected|duplicated} to the cloud. Login to {your own|your|your personal personal|your individual|private personal} profile {to access|to get|get|to take over|in order to access} your address book {under the|the actual|your|underneath the|the particular} My Login section {of the|on the|within the|in the|among the} PicDial {website|internet|web portal|website|web presence}. Text Support - Full SMS and MMS support coupled with integrated spell checking {and additional|and extra|and further|and other} message composition tools {and features|boasting|featuring|and has}. vCard Support (contact cards) - {allows you|in order to|a person to|a person|anyone to} to connect and download vCards for increased MMS functionality. Download the PicDial app today at -
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