Transformers out 2018 parks and attractions expo in Asia

by:LETIAN     2020-04-27
On April 3, 2018 Asian parks and attractions expo in China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall, about 1100 enterprises to participate in this exhibition. At the conference by zhongshan kimball recreational equipment co. , LTD. , set of mechanical amusement 'transformers' has become the highlight of this exhibition. Transformers and kimball is settled in 2018, the latest patent equipment, product appearance design to machine the hornets as the theme of National People's Congress, the whole device can rapidly rotating, passengers sit on it as into space, head to rotate 360 degrees and luminous, with super shock subwoofer surround sound, passengers can feel to sit on the robot wars like the immersive effect. The exhibition scene, to experience understand transformers purchaser in an endless stream, more from India, dubai, Russia, Germany, South Korea, South Africa and other countries buyers came to try with the kimball's staff for further negotiations. Kimball recreational is a professional research and development manufacturing machinery amusement equipment of large enterprises, has the innovative research and development technology, annual spending on market research and new product research and development costs more than 20 million yuan, kimball is settled this year there is a called: Egypt exploration of amusement equipment is listed, the device covers an area of 80 meters, is designed for large tourism scenic area development has a strong local flavor of the theme of the equipment. Kimball recreational products rich, mainly include: bumper car series, the series of track roller coaster, rotating class series, a series of small train, control plane, merry-go-round, sightseeing car series, etc. , can provide customers with set project planning and design, environmental renovation investment construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, operation and management for the integrated one-stop service.
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