Transformers is the kimball is settled 2018 one of the main new amusement equipment design

by:LETIAN     2020-04-28
2018 try kimball advocate new amusement equipment have? Try if you have focused on kimball's official website, believe that in the website home page you will see a transformers product or posters, at the end of 2017, has been on the product. There is no doubt that this kind of transformers amusement equipment is kimball new booking is popular this year. In this session of their swim Po show a lot of manufacturers, for showing shows new amusement equipment for a variety of exquisite packaging, only to attract exhibitors customers smart, critical eye. In carrying out on the day of the transformers and kimball show attracted most of the participating customers to experience, the hot scene attracted the guangdong TV reporters, and the relevant person in charge of the kimball, conducted an interview with department manager. The exhibition on more amusement products than a robot that grabs an eye - — Transformers, not only can now be free ride experience, customers can also sign the contract at the scene of price reductions. Since April 2018 after the closing of the guangzhou fair, we have received more than ten wave's potential customers to the company inspection, to discuss cooperation matters such as negotiation. As a result of the limitation of the exhibition venues and installation problems such as time, in addition to this kind of transformers is kimball is settled 2018 one of the main new amusement equipment design, we have several versions, like Egypt exploration ( There are unimodal and bimodal version) , the Egyptian adventure game with small children's amusement equipment similar to mini vehicles, from the appearance of the extent, degree of play to stimulate the new amusement equipment is needless to say, friends experience yourself to experience.
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