Transformers and other large amusement facilities the delivery notice

by:LETIAN     2020-04-28
On March 31st, the last day of march, kimball large amusement facilities delivery scheduling is still tense, today has installed seven consecutive cargo trailer, many customers are to open in 5, 1 week ago, and some customer orders for April delivery is still in work overtime to production. Today's shipping details are as follows: transformers 2 sets, disco turntable, a 400 square bumper car full set of equipment, roller coaster a and double row of pirate ship a jungle. The above equipment installation personnel already to customer site in shandong, prepared to amusement equipment installation work ahead of time, please the customer is ready for inspection. Kimball try to focus on large-scale amusement equipment research and development and production, look forward to creating value for you!
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