Traditional Education vs Advanced Education in India

by:LETIAN     2020-06-10
While earlier age, in India, school environment was like two or three rooms in an area with a half boundary wall and teachers being so disciplined used to standing or roaming around children. The same scenario was in the high schools too. This is the pictorial description of earlier/traditional schools in India. Advance education is referred to metro cities of India in which one most advance cities Delhi where has available good atmosphere of schools in Delhi and the children shall advance and technical education. Now, the scenario has become digitized and advanced like never before. Students are getting into the world of digitization and advancement. Each and every step of their life, they are getting their tasks done through computerization or else machinery would make. The gap is quite huge, which in writing can never be displayed. It should be elaborated with wide range of study and researches. If here it is for you to become elaborately enlightened then, firstly all, here the step goes. In earlier age of India, parents & children used to become free of tension and taking things or issues as taken for of course. People were so free and spared many different time to make gossip and time for own. In educational domain, the scenario and conditions were totally particular. Teachers were free to teach by taking lots of time, ex. One week to two weeks to get carried out with one lesson, the no competitive exams and even no competitive mind exercises. Children were not that much strained over their in-coming exams and tests, because, there was a single to compare their marks or performance in the exams both practical (which was rare) and theoretical to others, but only one dream was to stay in everyone to be educated and doing anything to earn money. Now, also, the motto is same to be educated and to earn with the intention as quickly as possible nose up the actual world society. But, now, there is often seen competitive exams are conducted in order to pick up talents and drop the rests. In each bit of life, while proceeding towards success, everyone has to exams and tests to give the proof of their talent and understanding. This is also because of much tougher professional field, and so tough is education. Parents start getting associated with schooling of their kids the moment their kids the reach pre-school age. Now, in each school advanced methods of study is being adopted like projectors in the classrooms and internet facilities connected to the computer labs for the children, because, today's world is almost based upon digitization. People even children of 3 to several years feel the necessity of computers and mobile games, as parents make them used to such things. But, earlier periods it was not like that at all. Everyone was so free and enjoying life to the fullest. In comparison, babies take birth along with the ambition to touch the sky by becoming doctors, engineers, journalists, influential social workers, politicians and every one of. Everyone has forgotten about a life where sky-kissing ambition doesn't exist. But, somewhere, it one more to be treated that degree at which Indian education has reached is even though of some forwarded and advanced steps taken by some pioneers and that is why behind students from India are spreading the veil of their talents all across the globe.
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