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by:LETIAN     2020-05-01
Also known as the scenic spot slide in jungle traversing, is currently the major scenic spots are common, is also one of the more popular rides. Many scenic spots with this project attract more visitors, raise public awareness of the scenic area and economic benefits. First of all, because its interesting and challenging in jungle traversing, can let everybody experience is different from previous rides gameplay experience, such as forest adventure, to climb the tree, all of these bring more tourists to the scenic spot. Second, jungle traversing construction usually grow in the forest on the basis of forest terrain and conditions to build, and construction of various levels, not only can let visitors experience the air crash and recruit fun and joy of success, but also can exercise our team collaboration and limbs movement ability, especially for children's development is very good, these are visitors more concern, is also one of scenic spot can raise awareness. Moreover, each scenic spot of project are private custom in jungle traversing, and has good safety protection, go a long way for us to create the scenic effect, is also one of the important ways of attracting tourists. Jungle suspension bridge as a kind of popular rides transportation, because of its shape is beautiful and better experience, great efficiency, broad participation, more and more get the welcome of the broad masses of investors of the scenic spot. First is modelling beautiful, scenic suspension bridge are different from other Bridges, very emotional appeal, a kind of very beautiful ornamental bridge, mainly for the tourists, second, and the general suspension bridge are specially designed, can bring out the best in each other and scenic spot, and the scenic area chute mutual confluence, can improve the integral style of the scenic spot. Followed by better experience, general suspension bridge is built over the river valley, walk in the above, can very good browse to the view of the scenic area, production area chute and more interesting. Suspension Bridges and huge economy, due to the scenic spot to attract more tourists to come to visit the scenic spot, therefore the scenic spot of income will increase, in addition, the broad participation, suspension bridge some project can only be a few different people experience, suspension bridge can be through a lot of people at the same time, but also have no time limit, the suspension Bridges can be better friends and relatives to enjoy exciting experience. As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer or amusement operators of the project, you know what are the three major advantages in jungle traversing? Advantage: a green jungle traversing is built on the basis of the actual situation of mountain forest, as far as possible to protect the forest vegetation and animal, and every recruit project won't produce pollution, fully response the state advocates green environmental protection action. Advantage 2, project thrilling and safe project is set in jungle traversing climb, climb, jump and run as one comprehensive amusement projects, such as the entire process through new and exciting, but won't cause harm the health of visitors, and there will be multiple safeguard measures in the process of recruit, let visitors have a good time, had a rest assured. Three advantages, improve the competitiveness of scenic spot now few domestic scenic area construction project in jungle traversing, if in the scenic area construction, not only can improve the overall strength of the scenic spot, also can attract more attracts thousands of tourists experience, improve the economic benefits of the scenic spot. If you haven't building slipway project in jungle traversing, welcome to contact kimball manager wang design installation of amusement. Scenic way through the jungle comments from hubei netizen 45 minutes before the jungle traversing on the mountain is very fun, I played in chongqing, climb to the top of the mountain is not sorrow down the mountain, down at the bottom. From Inner Mongolia netizen 1. The slide in the winter can run 2 hours ago, regional how many degrees can not run? Netizens from heilongjiang can climb 3 hours ago, this kind of tube type slide which cost is low and the glass slide?
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