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They were halfway through the county fair, large in size and large in size, taken to the logically illogical extreme, spinning at a speed our grandparents never dreamed.
However, the attraction of the theme park ---
What the carnival and the exhibition have been doing. -
For our child, he wants to be safe and scared, staring at creatures outside our horizons, or rotating gravity --
Freedom in this world, bold dizziness.
Well, here is our annual survey of the theme park, and Washington can arrive reasonably in the approximate order of driving time.
As in the past few years, the comments were written by Hank Burchard.
There\'s almost a brand.
In the new amusement park near the center of the capital, families with children may find it more interesting than famous competitors.
Wilderness World, which opened in Largo at the end of last season, can be reached by subway.
And the situation is completely different.
There are quite a few standard sitting-there-and-take-
It is rides and shows, but the focus is on participation.
This is the only park in Washington that goes a lot, where you can overcome the heat of summer by deliberately getting wet and good.
In the wild world, swimsuits are essential.
Don\'t be confused with animal reserves that once occupied 600. acre grounds).
The center of its water engineering section is millions.
The gallon pool, promised to be ready on the opening day, will have four-
Walking and room for 2,000 people at a time and space for 6,000 people at another time
The Acre has a carpeted sundeck.
And a 10,000-square-foot, 10-inch-
The pool is very deep and there is a water gun or something.
If the surfing is not strong enough, you can slide down on the 220 sun naked water slide
You take almost straight feet from four stories high, just sitting on your body.
No mats are used on the four slides of Rainbow Zoom, they are not that steep, more curved, 400 to 560 feet long.
If parents have the courage to do it, young people may ride two lower and slower cars.
There are two dedicated play areas for children.
Playport is soft and non
The mechanical unit climbs up, around and through, or jumps in the case of a ball bath.
There is also a maze that is said to be the largest sand pile in the world.
There are simple games in Kiddie City (everybody wins), scaled-
Pets under rides and animals. There\'s a steam.
Power Railway through a hundred kilometers
Exotic animal parks;
Craft Village, cafeteria & Snack Bar, Arcade & video game in Midway
In addition to the roller coaster, we will more or less expect some type of booth in the theme park.
Plus, ride an elephant for about five minutes, spend a dollar, and it\'s not hard to understand if you ever cross the hay for an elephant.
The park will provide facilities such as wild restaurants and sports fields for 100 people and above, and reduce fees.
Surprisingly, there is also a trail for those who already have enough people.
The pleasant mountain building, built about 1720 metres from the National Historical Register, winds over;
The House needs to be renovated on a large scale and has not yet been opened.
This kind of thing is a refreshing change for the public --be-
The crowded attitude guides most of the design and operation of the park, where the number of customers handled per hour is not only the bottom line, but often the obvious management attitude.
As we all know, the rhythm of the Wilderness World is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Glen Echo and Marshall Hall laid back.
This may be related to the fact that the park is not a subsidiary of a large company, but is owned and supervised by four partners living in the metropolitan area.
This is the hope that this laid-
The back atmosphere can be maintained throughout the season (
Millions of tourists are expected in 1983, 400,000 last year).
The new attraction of the King\'s Dominion is the White Water Canyon, a journey that floats along a foam-shaped cataract with bumps, spins and surprising geysers.
The sign promises that you will get wet on this journey.
They pass the quart, through the gallon, and occasionally through the head --to-toe torrent.
In fact, the main stimulus of 1,800 is the cold. foot man-
The river is more terrible than it looks.
Park manager T. said: \"We could have made things worse, but we are looking for something that is fun for both grandchildren and grandparents . \"Lewis Hooper.
They found: my child\'s mother, who didn\'t even look at the roller coaster, happily rode White Water Canyon several times;
However, having the kids ride a dozen times before we rip them off is exciting enough.
Ride time is 4 to 5 minutes depending on your number of free
The floating boat bumps the walls and pauses in the return of threefoot rapids.
Downstream of six rivers
The seat craft is essentially a huge inner tire, one of the most humid, bumpy and spinning advantages is that the last time you laugh at your rider is likely to be the next time you are flooded.
If someone dries through the rapids, there are 30-
The strategic stationing of foot geyser corrects this.
There\'s a plastic cloak in the chicken --
But they spent a dollar. ! )
Anyway, you need at least two.
You can dry up on three roller coasters in the park.
White Water Canyon is said to cost $3 million-
The King\'s Dominion was unwilling to give the first place to another sign of Busch Garden.
Most of the money goes into the landscaping of huge boulders, which changes 10-
An acre of land turned into a place very close to the Rocky River.
It is said that the car can accommodate 2,880 people per hour, and it is hoped that this may reduce the waiting time for some other attractions.
However, people who cannot wait in line should not go to the amusement park in any case.
There are now 39 Main rides in the park, 10 of which are children\'s rides
Size, plus a hunting area with hundreds of species.
In order to satisfy everyone, management has also launched seven new performances this year, with one and a half
Hour musical--what else? --
Amusement Park.
Some rock, pop and country concerts will also be held and dates and entertainers will be announced.
Hey beer lovers, all Coors are open now in Kings rule.
Auggie Busch, answer the phone.
In Hershey Park, you will find the smallest, cheapest and most charming amusement park in the Washington day trip.
Probably because the park is not alone, but as part of Hershey\'s generations --
At the old tourist complex, operators don\'t seem to feel like they need to spend every dollar crazily while this season continues.
It may be the Dutch genius of Pennsylvania.
Anyway, cheerful young people who always run around in the park to sort things out and help others seem to be smiling because it\'s natural and not just work.
This is the oldest theme park in the area, and the landscaping is fully mature and full of attractions to walk or sit and rest.
It\'s not hard.
Chargers can\'t get sick and tired like they want in Hershey Park: there are more than 30 rides that will allow you to spin, cycle and twist your heart and stomach.
It is worth noting that sooperdooperlotta, the comet and the trailblazer roller coaster, the Pirat swing-
The boat and the one-eyed giant, it\'s a little high.
The speed Ferris wheel that got up and lay down again.
The animal sanctuary in the park is the American zoo, walking-
By displaying 220 species in five representative North American habitats.
10 acres open year roundround.
Although the quality of the food in the park is uneven, overall, the taste is better and the cost is lower than most parks.
People who like to sit
Down service may want to try the new Tudor Rose Tavern this year, from sandwich to full setcourse meals.
In its joy, Hangthe-
For the cost pursuit of a new and better way to get customers sick, Busch Garden has come up with another winner.
This season\'s new work is the cradle of Leonardo da Vinci. boat-and-ferris-
Forty passengers were sitting on the open cable car swinging back and forth until they became good and confused.
Then it goes through 360 degrees (
The rider is always right. side-up).
Sometimes it goes forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes stops, and this mode is known only to the computer running the thing.
C said: \"It is not the same for two consecutive rides . \"
Michael Gross, park manager
It looks gentle but feels like-
Well, I rode twice in the Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, and then I found a bench and, if so, let the others, uh, enjoy themselves.
This should be enough mouth maggots.
Unfortunately, the new journey will not add to the elbow space of the Busch garden as it is located in the village area of Italy.
Narrow Europe
\"Streets\" and small squares in style, as well as ridgesand-
The terrain of the valley makes the ancient country as beautiful as it is;
On a busy day, Busch Garden is a good place to be claustrophobic.
Due to last year\'s demi, attendance growth was slow and distressing
At the World Expo in Knoxville, the park will invest a lot of money in this season\'s headlines concert series, including Ray Charles, Veron Jennings, Mel ha.
However, there is a problem: last year, park tickets included free features, first come, first served;
Customers have to pay $2 to $4 extra this season.
On the other hand, concert tickets can be purchased in advance, by mail or in the park, and seats at the Royal Palace Theatre are guaranteed and have now been expanded to 5,200 seats.
The park has highlighted the charm of the old world and the charm of the family in past promotions, and it will appear in this season\'s advertising.
Their goal is to stimulate-and-
Demographic data that other parks are looking at suggest that children in their 60 s are settling down and have their own families.
Other new attractions in Busch Garden include: Young \"hang glider\" l\'alliante Piccolo; Broadway-and country-style musicals;
Line needle Faire in medieval game area;
Street figures such as Merlin, Shakespeare and Rain Man.
Jackson, New Jersey, is too far away from Washington to make a day trip, but a family with a sky to spare time through the area will not be disappointed with the great adventure.
Rides and performances are at least equivalent to anything provided by Busch Gardens and King\'s Dominion, and 51/2-mile drive-
Through the animal sanctuary itself is a class. There are two --count \'em two --
This year\'s main new rides, designed for negative-G nuts.
Free fall takes you from 110-
Reach 55 miles per hour in three seconds.
The habitat of skydiving athletes reminds people of a ride at 1939 New York World Expo, sitting at 250 feet (yes)
Then throw you in the air, under the control of the cable, and drop at the speed of the real parachute.
It is said that, after landing slowly in the air for a long time on the 25 th floor, falling is a relief;
A mere glance at the tower is enough to discourage a sensible person.
Other rides include: Roaring Rapids, water travel redesigned for this season;
The lighting device and the shuttle roller coaster of the ring phase buckle;
Rolling Thunder, a weird classic wooden roller coaster; two huge-and-
The high log sink and the huge Ferris wheel will surely bring a drop of nostalgic tears to the people before the war (WWII, that is)patron.
Despite the habitat of the free fall and parachute, the great adventure is shifting its focus from the youth
The age of a family with children.
\"We hope the new rides will ease the pressure on other attractions,\" a spokesman said . \".
\"We will bring back our Wild West Show and open oneyour-
Own your own picnic area and a large Midway Island, giving the family more space and a more gentle pace. \"The drive-
Hunting through is remarkable, with minimal restrictions on animals.
But they had to keep the leopard in a cage;
Apparently tired of preparationto-
After eating the meat, they learned to hold on to the bottom of the vehicle and take a ride into the area with wood.
You can park (
Sure, but don\'t go out))
Look at what you like as long as you like it.
Sometimes you have to stop because animals have the right of way and you often cross the road in order to cross the road.
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