Theme park equipment sales hit a new high in 2018

by:LETIAN     2020-05-17
Started in 2018, nearly two consecutive months of continuous production, in addition to the mantissa orders for delivery in 2017, the year of the new order production task also piled up, every day from different theme park facilities and customers to visit factory, agricultural ecology park from large data, global tourism of China is really hot. Learns from Beijing tongzhou district lake town, the town is stepping up efforts to relief after regulation environment to promote, is building a total area of 2. 30000 acres of lake leisure park. According to staff, the town is CaWei and prancing back land for large-scale, large-scale afforestation, build good livable environment for residents. The whole project is divided into four period, with current projects are under tight construction. First phase of the project to be completed in September 30, the second phase is expected to be completed next year, June 30, open area will reach 1. Leisure travel more than 40000 mu, the citizens have a new place to go. According to introducing, Beijing tongzhou town overall positioning is 'ecological lake town in performing arts', is one of the important to build the characteristics of small town of tongzhou district. Lake town, according to the function orientation, vigorously to relief the core function in the capital, to speed up relief regulation to promote work. Is lake town, ten thousand mu of recreation of the construction of the park is divided into four period of construction, the total area of 23000 mu, based on the regional development advantage to form multiple theme park cluster, ecology, culture, art, agriculture and forestry, industry, travel together, to create 'spring thousands, colorful forest landscape features. Among them, the first phase is a lake in the park and the surrounding plain afforestation achievement based on the promotion of construction project, is now in construction. Will strive to build a lake park, entertainment, fitness entertainment, the forest international farm and so on four big area; The second phase is mainly composed of Station Road greening, Taiwan government street lake town lake three parts such as construction of green belt. Will focus on forest performing arts, sports, children's entertainment, art, agriculture, rv camping and so on five big scenic area construction. After the first phase of a lake in the park and part of the plain afforestation project have been completed and open, is the place for tour locations surrounding residents. 'Like here very much, where big, can play a day, plants, landscape strewn at random have send'. A tourist happily told reporters. Kimball recreational focus on large-scale amusement equipment, amusement equipment research and development production, has more than 200 production team, products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world, is a professional high-end playground equipment suppliers.
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