the virtual reality era is ready for the living room. will it be a iphone-style game changer?

by:LETIAN     2019-10-16
The brakes in the virtual world have been officially released. reality era.
This week, the oculus $599 Rift headset begins to enter the door of the consumer
The equipment was ordered in January. Two more high-
The terminal VR headset is on the way, one from HTC and the other from Sony, designed to work with the company\'s PlayStation 4 home video game console.
It\'s hard to miss Oculus, a mid-level ad for Samsung-
The Powered Gear VR headset is endorsed by rapper Lil Wayne and compatible with some mobile devices.
And then low-
The cost of Google Cardboard, which works with most smartphones. The race is on.
Tim eney, founder of Epic Games, said ad history will see the launch of Rift and other VR headsets as more important than the launch of the iPhone, and Epic Games is known for creating a popular back
Terminal software that drives many video games.
But how successful VR will be in 2016 is a controversial issue.
At the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, designer Jesse Schell came up with a theory that 8 million top game developers
Level VR headsets will be sold by the end of 2017.
Maybe half of that number is more realistic, says J. P.
Gao De, an analyst at Forrester Research.
It is estimated that only 12 million to 13 million computers in the world can actually run the technology.
Other industry watchers have shifted the topic from digital to influence and influence.
Jason Rubin, who helped Oculus lead game development, pointed out that the initial VR effort was aimed at technology enthusiasts and serious gamers, not the mass market.
The advertisement \"there are many people who like the game very much, like the graphics very much, like cutting very much --
Technological advantages, \"he said.
\"This is our audience this year and next year.
This will redefine mass media so that users can enter the world instead of watching passively.
\"We created a theme park,\" Rubin said . \"
Supporters of virtual reality are eager to say that in this world, headphones are as light and easy to wear as a pair of glasses.
VR will change everything, they say, from the way we shop, the way we watch family photos, to the way we ride a roller coaster.
This is not the case today.
The rift needs an expensive, high
A terminal PC that must be connected via a wire, and its headphones completely turn off the wearer\'s connection to the world around it.
So before VR changes the way we live, it must first change the way we play.
When it comes to game design, be prepared for the most approachable and untested timeMature medium
Because in virtual reality, we know almost all about game development is wrong.
Blockbuster games rely on excitement and adventure.
But excitement and adventure can lead to motion sickness in virtual reality.
Developers say this glitch is an opportunity to create new media from scratch --
A form of interaction that depends on the new.
\"Of all the major games developed outside of VR, there are very few that are really likely to work in VR,\" said Sweeney of Epic games . \".
The software Unreal Engine of Epic drives many VR and non-VRVR experiences.
Although the advertising market has not been confirmed, it seems that the public is at least interested in it.
Earlier this year, Google announced on its blog that it has shipped more than 5 million Cardboard viewers.
\"It will be a real revolution,\" Sweni said . \".
\"It\'s going to be bigger than the PC or smartphone revolution.
This is the first kind of media that may make you feel like you\'re in another place.
We\'re already good at drawing images from other places on the screen, but it\'s a whole new thing to immerse you in.
We haven\'t figured it out yet.
Santa Monica, Adam oz.
Based on Sany zero will release tension and lose-in-
\"Adr 1ft\", the space game of the rift, admits that navigating new media is an experiment.
\"We don\'t know anything.
\"It\'s basically like looking around in the dark with a torch, hoping to get the treasure, hoping not to find the Dragon,\" he said . \".
ByLucasfilm\'s ILMxLAB has developed a teaser trailer for the Tatooine trial, a virtual reality experience.
\"We have these brands --
\"New ways to communicate, engage and tell stories,\" added Orth . \".
\"It\'s exciting and terrible.
You have to get rid of everything you know.
\"But is the public ready to become a virtual reality guinea pig?
Advertising you believe you can forgive the VR propaganda machine before. In the mid-
After 90 s, virtual reality seems destined to jump into our family from science fiction movies and university labs. Video-
Nintendo, the game giant, even released a device, a Virtual Boy, a clumsy tripod.
The game is limited to the appearance of red and black tones.
It comes and goes faster than it can be a punch line.
The rift is a different story, supporters say.
Before Rift was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014, the company was essentially Palmer Luki\'s vision. The home-
Long Beach, a journalism student who studied journalism briefly in California State Long Beach, built some sometimes dangerous experiments in his teens --
There\'s a coil gun, there\'s a laser.
His hobby is obtained by repairing his mobile phone.
On 2013, Luckey told The Times that at the age of 16, he earned at least $36,000 by repairing his iphone and selling his unlocked phone for $700 per person on the Internet message board.
When he dreamed of becoming a tech journalist in 2012, Lucas turned to the public --
Funding site Kickstarter wants to sell do-it-
Own VR suite.
The initial cracks were basically glued together with adhesive tape and glue.
Still, the early rift took advantage of the mobile industry to help make the technology relatively affordable.
The software is also powerful enough now to correct lens distortion and motion
Controlling progress better allows head tracking and reduces latency in response time, which means that images on the Rift screen move as the player\'s head is tilted.
Entering the Rift game \"Lucky Story\" is similar to being shipped to a world of \"Super Mario Brothers\"
And part of \"Rooney\'s tune.
A bright, fantastic forest
The universe of queuing is placed in front of the player, who overlooks the landscape like a real-person puppeteer
Action Board game
More importantly, the \"Lucky Story\" is simple, it eliminates complex control schemes that make PC and console video games difficult to understand for those who don\'t already know.
Our game guide, a lovely fox named Lucky, walks and jumps at a leisurely pace, and the camera is the player\'s head.
\"Lucky Story\" was created by Paul Betner, McKinney Chief Executive Officer, Texas.
Headquartered in Playful Corp.
One of the most famous game designers is the chief architect of the iPhone smash.
Betfair left his phone for VR and said he would not come back.
He said: \"It\'s more of a question of how fast the speed of acceleration will be, than whether we will go back to the stage where people say \'this is neat.
What is the next thing?
This is the beginning of something that will not go backwards.
\"People who don\'t buy this year may soon find virtual reality relatively inevitable.
Six Flags Magic Mountain will open its virtual reality revolution roller coaster to the public in April 21.
Tourists will wear Samsung Gear VR headsets, which will bring the audience into a relaxed and pleasant alien --
Video game invasion
With the development of virtual showrooms and virtual test drives by car manufacturers, marketers have also begun to use virtual reality.
\"There are almost unlimited uses here except for Wells --
\"In areas such as marketing, healthcare, and data visualization, games and media, and all of them, are known,\" said Forrester\'s Gonder . \".
Betfair warned, however, not to get caught up in hype.
\"I can expect a confusing story,\" he said . \".
\"You can\'t.
There is always an element of hype that can not match reality.
Someone would say, \'Well, we hope it can see these millions and it sells millions.
The start may be a little slower than people expected, but this is the beginning of something that won\'t slow down.
\"Also take a look at the Star Wars virtual reality experience that brings Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker together with Six Flags Magic Mountain to turn the aging roller coaster into a virtual reality video
Vaccine film co-produced by Tribeca line up \"Orphan Black\"
Warner Bros. said the creators discussed the beginning of the fourth season of the superhero film arms race.
Created a world too dim in Batman vs Superman?
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