The third generation space walk amusement set video | dynamic amusement equipment manufacturer

by:LETIAN     2020-04-05
The orbit of space walk is a very classic sightseeing car, in the playground, theme parks are a must have, in recent years, as the tourism market, tourism scenic area, rural locations are pouring into the installation space walk, set visit sightseeing as one of the big popular casual amusement equipment. Now on the market the most space walk for the second generation of system equipment, in June of this year, try kimball has upgraded to the third generation of space walk, 8 m altitude can be done, meet the demand of more mountain scenic spot installation environment, seat model upgrade for space style, light to expand, gorgeous the tubes, added automatic induction collision avoidance system, avoid the embarrassment of before and after the car stopped collided, safety factor greatly upgraded. The following video for kimball recreational space walk of the third generation in the test and operation of the production workshop: the height of space walk into class C space walk and B type space walk, larger than 2 m height space walk must choose to hold class B spacewalk production installation qualification of the supplier.
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