The latest rides - 2019 New amusement equipment price

by:LETIAN     2020-05-13
This year there are a lot of customers want to kimball is settled in 2019, the latest rides catalogue, here today try to introduce kimball roughly 2019 new amusement equipment list: new rides a: small eight brain tianshan new rides. 2: these three new amusement facilities: day turn out to new rides 4: air scoop on new amusement facilities five: attack all the above are forthcoming in 2019 the new amusement facilities, corresponding amusement facilities need to understand the information, please contact customer service, here to share why do manufacturers spend high price continuously developing new products, rather than as some manufacturers for many years with the design of fixed production ready. Now tourism market competition is intense, both the old and the new town, are trying to preempt the tourists market, the more visitors see today, however, go far, many tourism products, infrastructure, consumption experience have more request, the playground facility is not exceptional also, to a resort, if it is found that can play in the amusement equipment or fixed roller coaster, bumper cars, merry-go-round, big pendulum, pirate ship, how can the interest of senior players. Of course is not to say that these classic old projects can operate, old and new collocation to continuously introduce new customers. Try in 2019, will also have developed many new amusement facilities, especially for amusement parks and scenic spots in research and development, if there are scenic spots need new playground, have their own creative design welcome to discuss.
With new and upcoming social commerce technologies, the biggest change for amusement ride manufacturers marketers will be a shift in focus from branding to lead generation and conversion.
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