The Chinese theme park brand influence ranking top 10 in 2017

by:LETIAN     2020-05-23
As a tour industry supply chain professionals, we are always focused on the domestic market development innovation dynamic, the rapid growth of the Chinese theme park hyperplasia of violent growth a lot of adverse investment projects, and live a good momentum of development, or the text brigade for the fine management of big players. More than a decade, the theme park area of China is rapid development, cultivate and formed such as oct, happy valley, huaqiang chime-long tourist, songcheng, wanda, a batch of domestic high-end brand theme park. In 2017, the Chinese theme park industry as a whole shows a tendency grew louder, public opinion, China's tourism industry from sightseeing tour into the experience era, Chinese tourists also put forward higher requirements for the theme park. Not long ago, People's Daily published list of the 2017 year China theme park brand influence. Among them, Shanghai Disneyland, garden expo garden, songcheng, square is located in the forefront, oct, long lung is located in the brand influence. In 2017, the China theme park brand influence ranking top 10 ranking theme park name brand 1 Disneyland in 95. Hengdian studios, 9284, 75 of 843 garden show park. 94 would show 71. 55 huaqiang group, 71. 16 oct 70. Suzhou paradise 96 708 97 long lung resort. 79 China dinosaur park, 68. 910 xiangshan studio 68. 5 theme park in 2017 highlighted the new trend of industry group based expansion but memory barriers forward-looking industry research institute, the domestic theme park in 2017 began light assets, cultural, high-tech transformation; Theme parks are increasingly rich. According to forward-looking industry institute released '2018 - 2023 Chinese theme park industry development mode and investment strategy analysis report, over the past five years, the global theme park's revenue grew 4%, to $1. 6 billion. Thanks to the growing middle class in China and southeast Asia amusement demand increasingly strong. Next, China will continue to grow rapidly, a batch of large theme park will open their doors. As residents income level enhances unceasingly, in line with the theme park's population will continue to expand economic access conditions, is expected to 2020 theme park access the crowd is expected to exceed 1. 1 billion people; Permeability in the standard of the crowd is expected to increase to 20%, the total traffic of 2. Between 200 million and 2020 person-time, theme park traffic compound growth rate of about 12%. Although the theme park development prospect, but the event theme parks were closed in recent years, means that the industry easy to loss, at the same time there are some barriers into the industry. Barriers to creative design. Theme park everywhere include creative design, such as campus planning, building design and layout, tourist route design and the design of the subject project. Excellent originality and design is the key to the theme park to attract tourists. However, because most theme park enterprises in our country is still do not have independent creative design ability, so the creative design of the part, many are dependent on external design is completed, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, investment operation cost is higher, at the same time easy to imitate, lack of creative, theme, unclear orientation of products and services homogeneity serious, leading to tourist revisit rate reduced. So the ability of originality designing for theme park industry enterprises is very important. Barriers to brand. High brand awareness of theme park, relatively Yu Xinjin similar theme park, have more appeal to tourists. In different percent, and at the same time, the output of the management are more likely to get the local government support, and win the market recognition. Theme park industry has a batch of performance through accumulation, idea, talent training, brand building and to build a good brand image. The enterprises in the industry experience, leading research and development of creative design, management, service level, etc in industry other enterprise, gradually formed a good brand effect, for the enterprise market development provides a strong competitive advantage. Therefore, brand awareness and brand image has became one of the major barriers to the theme park industry. Barriers to professional talents. Theme park industry demand for professionals is extremely high, not only need to all kinds of professional and technical personnel, also need to know both art and understand technical talents, need more marketing ability and management experience of high-end management talent. Top talent scarcity may make it harder for new companies to attract all kinds of appropriate professional talents and make them work together effectively. Therefore, the construction of the professional structure reasonable talent team of industry is one of the main barriers to new entrants. Capital barriers. Theme park belong to high investment, high return and high risk industry, its capital threshold firstly embodies in the theme park construction. Theme park covers an area of big, need a lot of money for their early creative design, infrastructure and project to purchase. Second, the park construction is completed, still need to spend money to improve the surrounding supporting facilities. Finally, the theme park operation stages still need a lot of money to the theme park for routine maintenance and subsequent reconstruction and renovation project. Money, therefore, there are high barriers to entry for new entrants.
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