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by:LETIAN     2020-04-17
The amusement industry in China in recent years rapid development, unpowered power amusement and equipment have been formed by concentrated industrial zone, zhongshan is given priority to with producing power class amusement equipment, thousands of large and small amusement equipment manufacturers mainly gathered in the port, and oversize amusement equipment manufacturer, avoiding the amusement equipment industry concentrated area, constructs an area, such as golden horse amusement equipment based on zhongshan torch development, kimball is based in zhongshan town mound of sand. Oversize equipment need enough production space, port industrial workshop is not suitable for this kind of large equipment production, a set of large roller coaster or the production area is equivalent to jump off a building machine need a small amusement equipment factory of the production workshop is large, so there is no certain covers an area of industrial workshop is unable to produce large amusement facilities. If the purchaser to inspect a amusement equipment manufacturers, found him in selling large amusement equipment, but only several thousand square production workshop, the inspection result is obvious.
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