The big pendulum, the 16th National People's Congress pendulum prices

by:LETIAN     2020-04-09
Tourism real estate park's most valuable fashion giant pendulum new amusement equipment in 2018: the new 16 pendulum of National People's Congress, the 16th National People's Congress pendulum affordable, covers an area of 8 meters, 6 meters height, more adaptable to the hot tourist town now, rural tourism, spa town and rural complex to form a complete set, conventional big pendulum is too big, the investment amount is large, low rate of return, while fun, not every site can invest. So the comprehensive price is proportional to the fun entertaining Jin Boda pendulum must be the new favorite of 2018! Big pendulum amusement equipment is very fresh, the swing range is big, the passengers sat on a big pendulum amusement equipment, can feel the howl of the wind blowing from the ear, very fresh stimulus. Big pendulum amusement equipment, the operation of the main motivation is the big arm, the passengers sitting in a circle inside the cockpit, the acceleration of big arm 86 ° reciprocating swing, driving the entire cockpit rotating lifting operation, cockpit show three hundred and sixty degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Reciprocating motion around big hammer pendulum arm, that grows from the cockpit like a fly in the air, to make the passengers trouble jilted gravity in an instant. The big pendulum, the 16th National People's Congress pendulum price consultation telephone 4008539818
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