the 10 very best small amusement parks in america

by:LETIAN     2019-10-08
Forget the Six Flags, Universal, temporary, any amusement park based on cartoon mouse
Because now, we are proud to show 10 alternatives that are often overlooked, which usually guarantee a good time at a lower price. These family-
However, friendly facilities are not only of great value;
They are unforgettable places in the years to come.
Read on to our selection.
All prices are up to date as of July 2016. Grandparents.
Member ($15/year)
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Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The Dutch Wonderland is moderate in size, moderate in price, and perfectly maintained. it is a pleasant choice for young grandchildren, and-
Thanks to its Amish country location-
It is also ideal for older tourists.
Children will enjoy the medieval theme of cartoons, as well as the rich attractions;
Reasons for having more than 30 rides (
25 OK for children under 36 inch)
A medium-sized water park with more than a dozen shows per day, tickets are reasonably priced at $41 per person. (
Compared to the $65 ticket price at nearby Sesame Square. )
The adjoining camp means you can also maintain a lower cost of accommodation.
Reward tip: Don\'t miss the diving show.
The last one is the chin.
No matter what your age is
Learn more: Dutch Wonderland: \"family friendly\" and \"old-
Time, in the best way, \"and straight-
How long fans describe this 90-year-
Wooded old gem in the center of mid
Eastern Pennsylvania
Except for its six roller coasters (
Including gorgeous tornadoes, as shown in the figure)
The other 60 rides are known for their food, cleanliness and value.
Oh, how valuable!
Free admission, parking, and performance-
Tickets and all-
Wrist strap for rides-so thrill-
Disgusted family members can enjoy the day without worrying about the cost.
Bonus tip: Would you like to see the layout of nobey before you go?
Virtual Walk-
Through Google Maps.
This is something you can do for almost every park on this list.
Learn more: Santa Claus, Indian walkers, parking lot, sunscreen and WiFi
The best hotel in Indiana, the price of fi is absolutely zero
I like the amusement park very much, but this is not the end of the fun. The super-
125-clean, pleasant staff
Kerry Park is divided into four holidays-themed areas (
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and July 4)
, Each with a range of rides and several top facilities
Gap roller coaster.
More importantly, a world
Water Park-
The titular splashin \"Safari-
Can be found on site.
Look at the coastline, the woolly elephant and the horn elephant, and you will see why the park is the best.
Bonus tip: Thanksgiving food is said to be the best in the park. (
You can probably guess why. )
Learn more: Holiday World and splash SafariWhere: Located in Athol, north of Idaho, right next to the Coeur d\'Alene National Forest, Silverwood is not as convenient as other amusement parks.
But don\'t let that stop you from visiting, especially if you\'re near Spokane, Washington.
In addition to a water park, there is also
Silverwood, who loves steam trains and two top wooden roller coasters, has aftershocks and is one of the only five giant inverted swing ang rollercoasters in the world.
Beautiful views and affordable food options have also been well received by tourists.
Bonus tip: There are rumors that the daily ticket discount in the Costcos area is much lower than the online price.
Find out more: Where is Silverwood Theme Park: Altoona, IowaIf you \'ve been waiting for over an hour 45-
Second, the adventure park will be a welcome rhythm change;
But short-term is not the only advantage.
Outside Des Moines park-
Updated in recent years
More than 100 attractions for all ages, including a wealth of options
The main flat panel rides for children.
Water park lovers will especially love Adventure Bay, a 2008 add-on with 10 sep features including splash pad, multiple slides and a vast river of rafting.
Also, as many reviewers have reported: you can\'t find more friendly staff anywhere.
Bonus tip: In order to maximize your rides, the first thing in the morning is to start at the back of the park and then try to move forward.
You can quickly get into bigger roller coasters like Otello and Dragon, and later go to other less popular attractions.
Find out more: Adventure location: BristolS.
1846 is quite a year. James K.
Pock is the president, and the Sandton Air Force kicked off the Mexicans.
In the heart of New England, American War and Lake competition broke out.
Now, after 170, the country\'s oldest continuously operated amusement park has been at the top of the list on the land, thanks in large part to the comprehensive reform in 1990. Thrill-
Young and old people can enjoy 44 different rides including the Boulder Dash at the top
Wooden roller coaster rankings, latest additions: Phobia, 15-
Story, a 65-mile/hour roller coaster is guaranteed to cause a scream or two.
Reasonable family Price-
Especially season tickets. and seniors 60-
Plus $20. 49.
Additional tips: there is a water station in the park, and guests can enjoy cold drinks free of charge.
Learn more: Lake CompounceWhere: San Antonio, Texas businessman Gordon Hartman created Morgan\'s Wonderland, where his daughter was born with cognitive and physical disabilities, this is the first theme park in the world specially designed for children with special needs.
What a wonderful place this is: sixyear-old, 25-
Acre facilities include more than 20 wheelchairs
Barrier-free attractions including carousel, Ferris wheel, sensory playground and train ride.
Regular performances featuring puppets and animal costumes throughout the month highlight inclusion and imagination.
Free admission for children with disabilities, only $17 for adults (
Elderly/military $11).
Additional tip: the accessibility of the park is also a great choice for the elderly.
Senior Friday happens twice a month for $8.
Learn more: Where is Morgan\'s Wonderland: Buena Park, California theme park, where discussions often start and end with Disney, Universal Park and Six Flags --
With one obvious exception: Nott.
Former Berry Farm (thus the name)was family-
Owned from 1920 to 1997, there are still many traditional attractions, from Western themes to extraordinary craftsmanship. and-home-
Market-centricThe (fairly)
However, the new owners have made their mark, adding to the brain
Thrilling stimulation of amusement facilities
Xcelerator roller coaster thumbs up-
And a big water park.
While waiting times and higher food prices can be frustrating, Nott\'s history, charm and solid ride options are worth a visit.
Bonus tip: If you can\'t go this summer, try to go around Halloween when this month-
The long, popular and horrible farm activity of Nott matches its blood
Bad reputation.
Find out more: Bennett\'s Berry Farm in Nott: New Orleans, Nava, and other parks on this list are a must --
See the destination, the carousel garden in the middle of New Orleans City Park, a wonderful side tour of one of the greatest metropolises on Earth.
With its magnificent 110-year-old carousel—
There are 53 hands. carved and -Painting horse (pictured)—
17 Clean Kids in the garden
Friendly rides and a cool break from the heat of the intense state of Luis Anna.
You won\'t spend more than a few hours, but the line is short, which means you can take multiple rides.
Families with young children are strongly recommended.
Reward tip: you can ride every time ($4)
, Or choose the unlimited entry day pass ($22). Trust us—
Get the day pass or look for online deals from Groupon, which occasionally offers a big discount.
Learn more: Sandusky in sandook. So, with 3.
With 5 million visitors each season, Cedar Point is not entirely unknown.
But recommend another local attraction (
Is anyone on King\'s Island? )
Is risking being yelled at by angry Ohio people who talk about the park like most people talk about their grandchildren.
So, it\'s Cedar Point.
Located on the Lake Erie peninsula between Cleveland and Toledo, huge 365-
The acre compound is a seven-legged national treasure with sweet corn and LeBron James.
It claims to have a chin.
Down 18 of 70 roller coasters
Other rides including the top
Roller coaster in the United StatesS.
The power of the millennium
Add display, putter-
Putt and 27 restaurants at animal dinosaur park, tickets for $65 are well worth it. (
Don\'t worry, though;
Serious discounts can be obtained through online purchases. )
Additional tips: Be sure to download the free app for Cedar point before you leave, including ride waiting times, maps, and many specials.
Learn more: Learn more about cedar from grandparents.
All grandchildren should visit the 10 best beaches in America. S. Neglected AmericaS.
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