Flying car--Experience the thrill of joy

The whole train of the flying car is driven by the front and rear transmission parts,It travels along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling up and sometimes descending sharply, entertaining, interesting and stimulating for all ages.When you ride in the flying car, you will experience fun and novelty.Elegant dragon shape and decoration with national characteristics add a different experience for tourists.

With the front end of the flying car as the beginning, followed by a lot of carriages, carriages sitting on a lot of passengers, from time to time they let out a excited scream.when the flying car running at first,the speed just like a snail,But once you come around a sharp turn ,the flying car as fast as like a running cheetah  then gradually slow down,then slowly climb up a slope,at the same time,  but flying cars don't give you time to get used to them you will experience flying like a bullet.

Flying car belongs to track amusement equipment and covers a large area it suits to install in big park amusement park and tourist attraction. Guangzhou Letian playground Equipment Co.,Ltd is engaged in indoor and outdoor entertainment equipments design, development, production and after-sales service of professional manufacture,welcome to new and old customers to visit and purchase.

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