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by:LETIAN     2020-06-17
Living on Florida's Space Coast has many perks, it's surrounded by water which means you take pleasure in any water sport you can think of and some, like kite boarding, latest extreme water sport. You're able to drop a line in water from almost any bridge you come to and can, most likely, catch something to to get dinner or go together with a local restaurant and feast on what their fishermen have pulled in contrary to the night before. That's another perk of dominican republic, all the seafood you can eat and if you're anything like me and could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is quite an good thing. I'm always amused by people who move here, don't like seafood and then don't even try to gain a taste for it like my brother-in-law, what a waste. Another benefit of living in Florida almost all the islands that happen to be dotted along the coast Amelia Island, Sanibel Island and let's not your investment Keys. Our islands in Florida are constantly being rated among the 'Top 10' in magazines or on travel shows for best beaches, or best places to find shells or this or that, we love the program. There are also smaller islands your rivers here which pull boats up around during summer season and party long into the night, we have all of our 'Redneck Yacht Clubs', so to speak, it really can be a great state. One of the drawbacks to living here, unfortunately, could be the we sometimes get storms here, bad ones, and not all have to reach hurricane force always be devastating take Fay for instance, she beat us up pretty bad and she was just an exotic storm when she smashed into The southwest. Who will ever forget 2004 when we had 4 storms within weeks of each other, what an untenable situation that was, there are several people who had enough and actually moved out of this state. One group of people, maybe given that they group that expect to hurricanes are the surfers. The northeastern of Florida is know as clothes airer wave capital among the world and as soon as the storms roll in you can bet they take advantage of the usb ports. I in order to have the pleasure of living close for the Cocoa Beach Pier as well as home to not only the popular Ron Jon's Surf Shop but also the Swell Surf camp Cabarete; needless express we possess a lot of surfers what follows. On September 5 of 2009, Tropical Storm Hanna passed about 100 miles off the coast of Florida does not stop was a splendid time appear to the Cocoa Beach Pier, which we did, to watch the surfers. The sky was all grey and deep blue with hints of purple, there were people finished the pier, drinking, fishing and not surprisingly watching and photographing the surfers. We got a good time watching the guys, and girls, get up on some pretty awesome swells, get some pretty wicked rides and catch atmospheric. So many people had cameras guidelines and meal plans interesting to become all the comments like 'did you have that shot' and 'Dude I got him your market air'. We all took our turns at the railing images and undoubtedly the conversation soon taken on all things camera appropriate. The most common question was 'What do you shoot while having?' I shoot surfing shots in Cabarete with a Canon 5dmark 2 Their any lot to photograph on that day too the were the surfers spectacular but heaven was awesome the clouds were dark and flowing across the sun but these people swirling too, that was quite a sight. We had fun nevertheless think a single had more stimulating than the surfers did. I'll bet they counseled me wiped out at finish of day time but feeling like work out plans well worthwhile.
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