Snow Lane

by:LETIAN     2020-06-19
I like winter, more like snow in winter. The winter was five years old, and the snow was particularly large, the next a couple of days successively. Snow on the top more than 12 inches thick, in the yard like snow hill, only one alley after another narrow curved path, both sides are certainly one high snow. Others began to sweep the streets in route to children, then children can not altogether sweep. Most roads are being trodden thick layers of snow stacking pad. I like soft snow Taxue, like to in order to the kind of 'creak' 'creak' sound, so often soaked cotton-padded socks gave his mother always sighed at for me. It is not absolutely based on the snow, or melt slowly. That tile eaves and wheat straw stack regarding the ice around the thickness of a root, like a rolling pin, claws to the sky, and anomaly scary. Until the New Year, or a silver around the universe. I remember years just before dawn, the father holding the spring fuel tank went to the alley where the sting of burning incense, whirring out within the wellhead in the steaming, the spring and the ice around a foot tall, slippery, having a shy across the highway signs, depth joined together. Father lit incense inserted into the snow, not a moment was the cold wind blew released. I do not understand well why is his father burn incense, have to ask, afraid to ask. Old New Year, children are the most taboo talkative. Because it was big snow years, the children, was extremely happy. Children older than I, and some snowball fights, and some open space swept out of the block pumping traitor - to log and whittled simillar to a small gyro bread, with a circle around the string, and laid hold of a rope pull, transform it issued a 'whining' sound. There is also a game called hit the ice - carved from along side it of the road so much getting small piece of ice grinding, several several children, with a shovel to push the afterburner, the roaring sound on the ice compared i'm able to other group collision, given sonorous sound, pieces of ice scattered. Some ice stand up to a couple rounds, then impaired. Lost to the winning party to pay for the same large piece of ice. At that time there digging icehouse ice, but it's great that people do: pre-dug icehouse, inside covered with thick layer of straw. From the the square foot thick ice to move over a block of code towards icehouse, the subsequent re-use thick along with straw to cover the sides and top, and then dry up and soil culture, a great pile of pile. Next year's dog days, the ice-cold open, inside the ice is still almost original appearance. By this time each, the children imitate adults, the massive and small ice covered with leaves or something, buried under the foot of the divider. Children are often also can not stay up for hot days, suddenly one day imagine it, then wait to put it clawed through, seeking a piece of the original hard, however, clawed to have nothing, leaving a pile of wet, cool . A celebration snow Zhao Huimin That year, I was six, once the weather isn't too cold, I upward early and stood outside of the gate, raised neck, look instead of the north, waiting, waiting, heard the bell rang, and three camels laden with large coal came, also followed a small camel, I have been ecstatic. My children sitting East west courtyard, though virtually pay attention to, however it is very high. Two doors open on weekdays only 1. That day, the concierge and chef's Health uncle at the start of the morning to free airline side door, 'La Camel', came back, the original oblique wore with the bolt also opened a door, pull the camel's workers can filled with red coal, hard coal The sack, a pack a bag inside carry - Beijing's winter is nearly here. The House of 'foreign stove' installed, the windows on the Korea paste paper, lit, warm room, but I put on early cotton trousers, cotton-padded jacket, cotton shoes camel saddle, wearing 'air level.' Sister do not wear trousers, wearing thin Gua, very short, still maintain the 'slim', but the red hand has been frozen, as well as cracked the little mouth children, her station on the fireside and warmed himself handles attached on the chimney. School classroom, only one oven, over a front, I singly small, sitting front row, okay. Sister of high stature, sitting at the final row to cold. Yard, flowers, and moved into the house, large pots of pineapple, orange, pomegranate, fig, oleander and on, piled in aged Liu Mah's house; vine buried; Amoy net container water , which put some soil. Snow. Fresh air, a clean. Snow, a snowman. Not play enough, windy, 'Yang style is termed a snow,' snow on your house scraped the net to fall back in. People neck; the sun came out, the snow melted on the house, along eaves drop down, quickly frozen into icicles, hanging under the eaves, would you like to have 2 or 3 days of finish. If heavy snow to catch New Year's Day a few days, muddy and cold, of, to be able to trouble to go out New Year, slightly later, for the grandfather Huibai, plus New year to the students parents, are often put on his coat and splashed with off-road. Winter, benefit from the is of your New 1 year. Steamed buns, steamed Hua Cake, steamed BEAN BAG, together with a vat, put your past yard, freezing up, eat half a month; obtained half-fan-pigs, create all regarding meat; to put together a honey, moon cake Wu Wan, 'heart to know God, for persons to eat,' Hong smoked enough, on my eating. Salad children, candy, to accompany the guests, I also eat at a time. All in all, New Year is consume. Also some interesting things, such as firecrackers, Uncle Seven are only allowed to put Erti Jiao, Yong Shounie forward, without blinking an eye, the heart does not skip; rat feces will be the sister release, point the future, complete House widespread. Yard meter long lead rope (weekdays laundry drying is used), hang firecrackers (each meter cattle whip, which includes a Ma Lei Zi), discharge them, crackling chaos ring, quite unique. Another example is hanging lanterns, two 'mad air' light, support in your house Lang Yanxia; another, hanging under the rooftop in the doorway; two horns lights, hanging onto the door frame decorated second door; a wall lamp, wall hanging in a short welcome gate on. At points up, or take power, or point of wax, complete House was ablaze with lights, silhouetted against the snow, such as in Wonderland.
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