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by:LETIAN     2020-05-08
Shake head to fly chair similar to fly high in the play, only fly high in the dozens of meters high air rapid rotation, challenge the limit, you for a fear of heights, to the pursuit of stimulation, shook his head fly chair is a good choice. A lot of theme park are head fly chair in this program, just shook his head fly chair type on the market levels not neat, prices also vary widely, why try kimball 36 head shook his head fly chair so expensive? Shook his head and some fly chair before ten. About head fly chair equipment prices: shake head fly chair is divided into simple fly chair and luxury shook his head flying chair, now a lot of amusement equipment manufacturer flying chair can rotate only, cannot shake head, but also in the name of head fly chair in to sell, can not shake head fly chair cost is much lower, of course, at the same time, which the rotation of the small fly chair modelling is simple, is exempted from inspection class amusement facilities, the price is low. Shook his head and try kimball 36 luxury flying chair, adopt european-style relief decoration, luxury palace set, seven color full color lamp, night light beautiful, 36 head shake head fly chair belongs to a class B amusement equipment, need special survey hospital quality inspection issued by professional book CARDS before the production and business operation. Shake head fly chair technical parameters: power supply: 3 n + PE 380/220 v, 50 hz, power: 50 kw, the rotation diameter: 22 m, bearing: 36 people, height: 15 m speed: 380 m/min, cover an area of an area, 315 ㎡ shake head fly chair on experience: when the head fly chair amusement equipment in the rotation, passengers on the hanging chair is like floating in the air when the umbrella turntable and intermediate turntable counter-rotating starts, the towers are slowly rising, the rotary swing, fly chair waves rippling shaped, tourists like flying in the air, and floating, seasky, it's terrifying. Large luxury shook his head fly chair cost so high, suitable for traveling scenic area management? , of course, fit, and very popular, kimball recreational shook his head more than 100 flying chair feedback customer data statistics, most of the site 36 luxury shook his head fly chair's operating income is higher than the big pendulum, hot shot on the trill index is higher, can be at ease. 36 head shake head fly chair manufacturer share operation video:
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