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by:LETIAN     2020-05-05
36 head shake head fly chair is currently on the market basically one or two kinds of style, each theme park design is about the same, this year, try kimball developed a european-style luxury shook his head flying chair, modeling beautiful, exquisite, is the new favorite of high-end large-scale theme park! Flying chair is also called the luxurious fly chair shook his head, the upper part of the amusement machine is equipped with color cone roof, roof circumferential equipped with colorful glass fiber reinforced plastic decorating plate, more luxurious air, just like gorgeous. The equipment appearance is equipped with a variety of decorative pattern and a variety of colors of lights and with the rotating equipment, people feel leisurely fairyland feeling, and exciting, fun rides, favored by tourists, especially teenagers and children alike. Shake head to fly chair by people along the fixed Angle pillar of lifting and rotating amusement equipment at the same time, the device adopts hydraulic control program, rides in the hanging chair, when the equipment is running, and sometimes floating off, sometimes with slight weightlessness feeling down, overweight and weightlessness, centrifugal effect on tourists in hanging chair stimulating, romantic feeling. Kimball amusement equipment company has launched a series of new products, our unique design concept, fashionable products, adventure, rich reality color product style, by the vast number of customer recognition and praise. Kimball try this luxurious head fly chair finished product figure is as follows: production progress to understand more about kimball shook his head fly chairs, and other amusement equipment production scheduling situation please ask staff for!
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