Several Tricks of Rainy Day Photography

by:LETIAN     2020-06-20
Rainy day a great important material of photography. It can express a regarding feelings, including sad, happy, nervous, as well as thus on. The photographer's work is showing them on the photos. Shooting in the rainy day is dissimilar from other environmental. In my opinions, factors several aspects everyone to pay attention to: 1, Sometimes it really is very bright in rainy while other time it is pretty dark. Due on the reason of big changing of light in rainy, a light meter is necessary. 2, Over exposure is common overuse injury in rainy day shooting, which is extremely detrimental to the performance of the rain scene. With regards to contrast of rainy scene is small, over exposure can certainly the contrast less and the photos look gray. The software is always reducing exposure to boost the contrast. Reduce 1 or 1.5 as indicated by the normal exposure, each reduction can increase 20% to 30% of progress time, which allows to improve image distinction. 3, Don't make use of the sky as the historical past but a dark scene, so that the rain will be more like silk. If you have water in the screen, lake, river, or even water on the street, the ripples also contribute to the performance of the rain scene. 4, Rainwater will not vertically drop into the ground, a 45-degree angle is appropriate. The shutter speed cannot be too high, considering the fact that high speed will freeze the rainwater and form as small ball without the opinion of rain. If ever the shutter speed is simply slow, the rain will be pull to strips, is actually also not good effect. Generally 1/30 sec to 1/60 sec will do well. At this degree the shutter speed is not too big and can emphasize the dynamic effect of rain. 5. Pay focus the distance inside the lens and the rain while taking pictures of. If the raindrop is just too close to the lens, even dropped an engine drop will cover the distance of the scene. Of course, sometimes it also requires such special effects, but most of the time rrt'll destroy your photo. Of course you should take care of the camera from the rain and don't let the drops on your zoom lens. Generally an umbrella perhaps plastic bag will consult these dilemmas. 6, If you want to take photos in the indoors, you can spread some oil near the windows so how the drops can retain on the windshield. 7, Keep a close look on the reflection of the light on the ground, they will create your screen more vivid especially when you're shooting colorful snaps. In fact, the scenes after rain are also great especially in the mountain and lake areas. The freshness after rain can make you feel much larger. Having taken the photos and wish to make a video with them? Maybe iMovie will to be able to. Want to know solution of converting avi to imovie? Maybe this avi to imovie converter mac can help you.
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