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by:LETIAN     2020-05-07
Self-control is a plane can play in the amusement equipment, old and young people, whether indoor children's paradise of control plane, or large outdoor playground of control plane, always hear the joyful laughter. Control plane is controlled by the tourists themselves lifting, interactive strong, especially the children see like the plane shape of amusement equipment, more like, as amusement equipment types now more and more rich, at the time of choosing control experience of the plane design to take the idea. A, the classification of control plane control plane is divided into class exempted from inspection control and detection control planes, exempted from inspection control plane is mainly divided into: four arms control aircraft, six arm control planes, eight arms control planes; Detection of control plane is divided into 24 people control plane ( Also called 12 arm to control the plane) , 32 people control plane ( Also known as 16 arm to control the plane) 。 Second, control operating conditions to operating control of the plane, the first thing to determine the venue size, different specifications of the automatic control of aircraft area is not the same, in the choice of the specifications of the control plane and traffic characteristics of combining operation sites, select the appropriate topic and the right specifications. Three, control the aircraft's purchase price control plane price quotation is not the same in different factories, even the same specifications of the control plane, because there are difference between different manufacturers use local material grades, is different quality level, after-sale protection have difference, lead to control the plane's price are difference, in general, want to buy a reliable quality control aircraft, in addition to control the aircraft itself, can also understand and see the other amusement equipment, amusement equipment manufacturer business if there is a competitive advantage in the same factory. Four, control the plane of the technical parameters of 32 control plane technology parameters: power supply: 380 v; Power: 50 kw; Rotary speed: 3. 6 m/s ( 5 r/min) ; Turning diameter: phi is 13. 1米; The heights: 8. 5米; Passenger Numbers: 32 people; Every car power: 14 m in diameter; Total power: 35 kw; Using voltage: 380; Covers an area of 15 diameter. 5米; Speed: 6 RPM; Running height. 4. 6m。 Run 24 people control plane technology parameters: height: 4 m, turning diameter: 13. 8 m, turning speed: 3. 6 m/s ( 5 r/min) , passenger Numbers: 24 people, each car power: 0. 6 kw / 24 v, covers an area of: 14 m in diameter, total power: 35 kw, voltage: 380 v five, the control of aircraft safety control plane is a very high safety performance of amusement equipment, his running low altitude, speed slow, and tourists can lift your control, and equipped with safety belts, safety problems completely without having to worry about. Six, control aircraft manufacturers choose to control the aircraft manufacturer so much, how to choose the right control aircraft suppliers? In general, choose amusement equipment, large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer, try to choose plants because big manufacturer both in technical quality, still have more advantage in after-sale protection, while some small amusement equipment factory equipment price is attractive, but their production of aircraft and other amusement equipment automatic control process quality is not what the requirements of the buy back quality how, by sheer luck and weak small factory after-sales service, technical support does not reach the designated position, tend to hold up his own business limitation, all still suggests that choose to have the strength of large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer to compare. Seven, control operation video of the plane
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