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by:LETIAN     2019-10-06
This year, the largest theme park in the United States will attract about 0. 12 billion people.
For the roller coaster, this is a long line, a schedule for juggling performances and determining when and where to eat.
But there is a way to remove the stress of traveling to Disney, Universal, Six Flags and other popular parks every year.
Many people now have VIP tours and usually keep extra benefits for celebrities --
Private Guide, do not wait for the biggest attractions, keep seats in shows and paradesthe-
Scenes can be seen in places where entry is usually prohibited.
Of course, the cost of all this is high.
VIP tours at Six Flags park near New Jersey and Los Angeles, $299 per person.
Cedar Point in Ohio charges $395 for an extra day allowance, including entering the front line of 16 roller coasters.
The Disney World VIP tour starts at $315 an hour and can accommodate up to 10 people.
\"Time is money, and you\'re wasting money when you\'re in line,\" says Joey Ray of Nev Sparks.
Their holiday usually revolves around the theme park.
The ability to bypass the line means that he can see everything in one day instead of spending an extra night or two in the park.
Ray said he took several VIP tours, including at Universal Studios Hollywood, where visitors can see the studio\'s clothing and props department and stroll through the backyard filming \"back to the future.
He said it was worth squandering to see this alone.
According to industry insiders in the theme park, there are now two different types of tourists --
Those who pay close attention to their expenses and those who are willing to pay more but are limited by time.
When everyone pays the same price for the theme park tickets and waits on the same route, it\'s over.
\"Everyone is no longer equal,\" said Dennis Spiegel . \"
President and park consultant of International Theme Park Servicesin Cincinnati.
In a survey just completed, his company found that the park made small but growing money from VIP tours.
It also shows that VIP visitors move twice as fast in the park as in the frontof-
Line access, about 70% people will not come back without it.
\"Obviously this is something that will continue to grow in the future,\" Spiegel said . \" He pointed out that when guests have a high will, the park will recognize potential malice
Tickets for pricing are packed with paying customers.
Their current solution is to design new rides so that people don\'t notice them when they are around.
In the past 10 years, Disney has been one of the few theme park operators that offer personalized travel.
Now they can find regional parks, including Hershey Park when Pa is good.
And King\'s Island near Cincinnati.
According to the location, there are several level VIP passes in National Six Flag Park.
Six Flags near Chicago
A quick one-hour tour per person is $225 (
At least four people)
While the ultimate tour of $400 lasts the whole day, allowing you to enjoy unlimited games, food and cabins in the water park.
Park spokesman Brandon Bruce says the biggest benefit is getting everything done without waiting.
\"You can definitely cover a lot of areas,\" he said . \".
Tracy Bates, a roller coaster fan from Richville, USAC.
He said he had already gone out when he made a VIP tour
Visit the time of the theme park, or the crowds.
His wife Charlene won\'t do a roller coaster, so it\'s a big benefit not to line up.
\"I hate having her sit while waiting in line for an hour,\" he said . \".
Another benefit, he says, is that their private guide is always willing to take pictures.
\"You won\'t end up with a bunch of photos of you alone,\" he said . \".
While almost all of the theme park\'s VIP tours allow guests to skip the line completely, Disney\'s VIP tours do not-
They still have to use the fast channel line that everyone can use.
What they get is a private concierge who can monitor the waiting times throughout the park, book the restaurant, and arrange the best seats, make sure everyone on the team gets the signatures and photos of Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins and all their other favorites.
The tour guide customizes the tour according to anything the guests want to see, whether it\'s a princess or a large amusement facility.
\"They are looking for a kind of care --
There is no free tour of all the plans, \"said Chris wojichick, who has been a Disney guide for the past 17 years.
He also acts as a mediator to make sure everyone can see what\'s on their wish list and find the air
Conditions attract when they overheat.
Marvin Smith, who oversees the Disney World VIP Tour, said that some families ask for the same guide year after year and plan their holidays when they are free.
The unique feature of Universal Studios Hollywood\'s \"VIP Experience\" is that it includes
A close-up tour of the film and television production studio, filmed scenes in kill a robin, Sting and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Sometimes those traveling can see the stars walking along the backyard, see the sound editing process, or set foot on the set after the shooting is over.
\"People say they never realize what it takes to make a movie or TV show,\" said tour guide Bobby Maclin . \".
\"They look at it differently.
\"Tickets for $299 per person include a private trolley, a delicious lunch, a VIP lounge and sunscreen.
Once the special backcourt tour is over, they also have direct access to all the shows and rides in the park.
Those who participated in the \"VIP Experience\" gained more from their lives, Machlin said, because he knew a lot of time --
Save shortcuts and guests can visit shows and attractions through special entrances.
\"I was able to get them through twice the time in the same amount of time because I know the park very well,\" he said . \".
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