seaworld san antonio rebrands park with new roller coaster, rescue efforts

by:LETIAN     2019-10-14
For the first time in a decade, the company has launched a new roller coaster to try to reshape its image --
Based on dolphin performance and Tiger whale performance
Rescue work around new rides and entertainment companies.
SeaWorld park and entertainment companies are seeking to stop the number of park visitors falling over the years due to bad publicity around 2013 documentary \"black fish\" and exacerbated by bad weather conditions during the tourist season. The Orlando-
The theme park group, headquartered, promises to spend $0. 175 billion this year on new rides, events and other attractions, and re-produce its mammal shows to include fewer gorgeous stunts and more
It also promoted the company\'s animal rescue efforts.
The new roller coaster, designed to simulate the rescue mission of marine mammals, is designed to be combined with the company\'s recreational, educational and environmental goals.
2,600 on the driver-foot-
Long roller coasters, they will learn about the company\'s partnership with the \"mission\" through a waiting area before they leave for the \"mission.
According to the national building records, the company plans to spend about $18 million on a roller coaster.
\"Humans need to learn how to be better managers of the ocean,\" said San Antonio chairman at SeaWorld on Tuesday . \".
Last year, after Lumm took over operations in February 2016, San Antonio park attracted more tourists.
\"Whatever we can do to help educate our guests on how to help save the wildlife and protect the wildlife for future generations is really important.
\"On Wednesday, about 120 construction workers buzzed near the surf-breaking construction site, a drainage section of the park\'s Ski Lake, where the ocean world often hosts fireworks and human stunts.
Construction equipment, portable toilets and piles of dirt are now sitting in the park, and visitors will soon compete on the water at a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour while being tied to jetski
Like a roller coaster.
When it is finished, the Breakers will be located between the Steel Eel coasters that debuted on 1997 and 1999 respectively.
SeaWorld has not yet set an opening date for the wave-breaking roller coaster, but is designed to open for the summer of the park.
The project manager said the roller coaster track has been built about 70%, but workers also need to complete the construction of the waiting area.
After completion, security testing is also required.
The company hopes the wave breakers will help it highlight the rescue efforts at SeaWorld.
SeaWorld has helped rescue about 29,000 animals, including marine mammals, birds and others.
The senior animal trainer says there are nine rescued animals in San Antonio, SeaWorld, including five bottlenose dolphins, a banned owl, a sea lion and a condor.
The park also plans to build a medical facility to treat bottlenose dolphins and other stranded animals, the spokesman said.
San Antonio park will also be home to the last killer whale born in any SeaWorld park. Takara, a 25-year-
Tiger whales are scheduled to be born in April.
SeaWorld announced last year that it plans to end its breeding program.
The company was hit last year by declining attendance, financial losses, stock woes and regulatory actions.
In 2016, the number of tourists dropped by 471,000 to about 2.
1% less than in 2015, in part because of bad weather and fewer tourists from Brazil from Orlando park and parks in the northeast of the United StatesS.
In the third quarter, the company said in its earnings report for February.
The net loss at SeaWorld was $12.
5 million is 2016, 15 cents per share, 2016.
The company made $49.
In 2015, profits were 1 million, 57 cents a share.
The theme park operator fired 320 employees in December as part of the company-wide restructuring plan, which aims to eliminate $65 million in costs by December 2018 and generate a net savings of $40 million.
Lumm said at the time that 11 employees in San Antonio park were out of work.
SeaWorld said in September that it plans to halve quarterly dividend payments, suspend future dividends from this year and use $0. 19 billion in savings to buy back shares
One CEO said the move would give SeaWorld \"the greatest flexibility to deploy capital to the place where the largest long-term investment opportunities are available\"
Returns from our shareholders.
\"Six days before the dividend was announced, the governor of California.
In the state, legislation banning the breeding of killer whales and their use in entertainment programs has been signed. Tilikum —
The main theme of killer whales and \"black fish\" that killed SeaWorld coaches in 2010 --
SeaWorld said last month that it died of bacterial infection in January.
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