Safety management shake head fly chair amusement equipment, how to do

by:LETIAN     2020-04-08
A brief introduction of fly chair shook his head. Shake head to fly chair is also called hurricane fly chair, is by people along the fixed Angle pillar of lifting and rotating amusement equipment at the same time, the device adopts hydraulic control program, rides in the hanging chair, when the equipment is running, alternately floating off, and with a slight loss of weightlessness is moderately overweight and weightlessness, centrifugal effect. Shake head to fly chair amusement equipment to strictly abide by the industry standard in the design, manufacture and product specification, only amusement equipment manufacturing is excellent, can reduce the wear degree. Shake head to do precise flying chair; installation, if the installation position errors occurring in the process, will aggravate the wear degree. Shake head to fly chair amusement equipment in use process also should pay attention to reduce wear: for easy wear parts should be lubricated regularly, not only can effectively reduce the friction, and can make the equipment run more smoothly; Shook his head to watch flying chair amusement equipment in use process prone to wear and tear, not regular maintenance: also note amusement equipment clean health work, hidden in the seam obstacles in the accumulation of dust, dirt, increasingly, also can cause wear and tear. Shake head fly chair amusement equipment needs regular maintenance, carried out in accordance with the day, week, month of different depth equipment inspection maintenance, it is important to inspect and trial run before the morning. Also want to constantly check during operation, to maximize safety instrument, slide and other details. For the accidental injury of registration at the same time, by giving visitors equipped with protective items or adjust equipment subject to improve them. Manage head fly chair amusement equipment, let visitors play shu xin, returns the natural rise.
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