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Come and experience the adventurous world of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the first comprehensive resort in the Middle East with tickets to Dubai park.
There is a three-level theme park, a water park and a unique family resort on the polynisia theme.
In this article, you can learn about the attractions of Dubai Parks and Resorts and all the important information you need to know about the large parks.
Dubai Motiongate Park is popular for hosting some of the world\'s most popular movie characters that attract families and people seeking excitement.
● Shreklionsgate this is the place where all your hunger game fantasies come true!
Here you can experience and enjoy the rides based on blockbuster.
If you like excitement, hop on the bullet train at the Capitol-
The half-pipe roller coaster is crazy, and there are a dazzling number of reversions.
Panem Aerial Tour is also waiting for this is an incredible 4D hovercraft simulator created specifically for the park.
This is the ultimate choice for all generations.
The transivania hotel here is dedicated to the children, but believe it will appeal to adults :) However, the underground 4D motion simulator will scare you!
But what\'s the thrill if your heart doesn\'t beat? !
Don\'t forget, the ghost and death squads and the chance to have meatballs on cloudy days to wait for more fun.
It\'s just a very interesting adventure.
Smurfs Village is an amazing Smurfs Village featuring lovely mushroom-covered houses and wandering blue skin characters.
This area is perfect for young people.
Experience an epic behind-the-scenes Studio Tour seasoned by indoor and outdoor play areas, hosted by the only smart Smurfs for engaging animated performances;
But this is not all!
The park also has 27 rides and attractions, and it is worth noting that these 5 roller coasters are inspired by classic movies and blockbuster movies I. e.
Game of hunger, ghost and death, and Madagascar.
There is also a series of interesting life videos, character meetings and greetings (adults can also take photos comfortably;
) Last but not least, be sure to check in to one of the nine theme restaurant theme parks to see how much Lego experience you can handle?
At Legoland and the Legoland Water Park, when you interact and experience magical bricks in a variety of attractions, it is full of fun.
The park provides maximum entertainment for children under 2 years of age12 years.
Here, these young people can enjoy up to 40 rides and attractions, and adults can safely relive their childhood with colored bricks.
● Nexturejust next is the Legoland Water Park and is also designed for young people, although to some extent it is enough to keep the elderly entertained.
The 73-acre water park has 20 water attractions and a super wave pool.
From vibrant live shows, exciting stunts to interactive rides, Bollywood Parks, Bollywood Dubai-
Dubai is undoubtedly the most colorful theme park in the UAE.
Only here, when you taste the delicacies of Mumbai, you will experience the famous Bollywood music and experience the 3D rides.
It is worth noting that the theme park is the first theme park in the world to pay tribute to the Indian film industry.
● Other theme parks, Bollywood Park\'s Mumbai jokash is a regular live show that includes some very attractive songs and vibrant dances that take place throughout the day in different parts of the park.
When you enter the park, you will be welcomed by such a dance --
At the crossroads of Bollywood Boulevard, followed by live Bollywood rock bands at the Rock restaurant.
Head to Chowk Mumbai to bring the magic chaos of Mumbai to life;
Later, the theme of the village Canyon, such as one of the many classic works of India.
Please note that if you are as self-proclaimed as I am, make sure to take advantage of many landscapes, such as the huge sculptures of henna decorated hands near the splendid front door, even before you walk into the park.
The vibrant dining area on the Dubai River is also the gateway to Dubai park, with more than 50 restaurants, cafes and shops spread across four theme areas.
Riverland is known for its art connection to the other three theme parks
MOTIONGATE™Legoland, Dubai®Bollywood Park, Dubai™Dubai and Legoland Dubai Water Park create unforgettable stories by visiting and indulging in the best parks in Dubai, forgetting memories.
Now it is easier and more convenient to book your trip with the most suitable Dubai park tickets, including: 1 day 2 parks or 7 days 4 parks.
On an online booking system that is easy to navigate and secure, the ticket price is the highest, not to mention that your booking will be confirmed immediately!
What else can you ask?
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