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by:LETIAN     2020-04-23
End of a year, as a professional large playground equipment manufacturers, we in addition to summarize a year sales, also can summarize this year the customer enquiry data and quality such as dimensions, because every year the company invest a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources for network promotion, let more customers understand our kimball amusement equipment, the customer from quality, price, service and so on several, to buy our products. Good amusement equipment in zhongshan, high-quality new large-scale amusement equipment in kimball, kimball amusement equipment co. , LTD from at the beginning of the company set up a few people to hundreds of people, from the beginning of the trade to domestic products are exported to Europe and the United States, the domestic foreign trade developed, the strength of the visible kimball amusement equipment is to be reckoned with. National so many large playground equipment factory production, if you do not understand the industry, and to discern how to find high-quality amusement equipment suppliers? Jin to help you do the analysis from the following several aspects: 1. Is there a business license. Can be admitted to the business license, first to the local industrial and commercial website enterprise information, acknowledged that the business scope is there a bar production, development, if not then definitely sales company. Decided that after the business license to produce type company, and then check if there are any company documents, especially the alibaba shops, B2C, B2B mall stores may store. 2. Large amusement park amusement equipment product quality is qualified, standardized production of amusement equipment manufacturer, commodities are national standard on the quality, safety, environmental protection certification. Quality available in materials, workmanship, materials to determine whether safe non-toxic, whether have damage, etc to consider for children, then consider the same raw material and work products quotation. 3. After-sales is in place: large amusement park amusement equipment specifications are national door-to-door installation, after-sales service for life. A year present commodity quality question produces manufacturer supply worn or damaged parts free of charge. Distributor or dealer after-sales parts out of the question, they are the same is still looking for amusement equipment manufacturer to deal with, so after-sales service cycle will extend, variation coefficient is big; Find specifications of large amusement park amusement facilities equipment manufacturer production product stability is strong, some hidden risks and uncertainties of services according to the blasting effects did not exist. Large amusement park amusement facilities are all need to pass strict inspection, opened a pleasure from project to project a huge workload, not 1 or 1 - two people Two can fix the amusement equipment suppliers, suggested walking more, more, more, for their correct negotiations had the most cost-effective amusement equipment partners. This page keywords: large playground facilities, amusement facilities equipment, amusement equipment manufacturers
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