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by:LETIAN     2020-04-23
Large amusement park amusement equipment procurement work is different from other small items purchase, the purchase of small objects, as the Internet developed, may be you just need to talk on the net order delivery, and large amusement park amusement equipment procurement work requires a lot of red, because big playground equipment has the purchase price is high, the safety coefficient of demand is high, large amusement equipment manufacturer production requirement of high qualification, if not careful purchase without the production license of amusement equipment manufacturer, production of large-scale amusement equipment, once appear problem, consequence is very serious. In line with the investment profit margins, so carefully choose a qualified, professional amusement equipment manufacturer is very important. When large amusement equipment manufacturer, there must be multidimensional, more standard of appraisal. To understand how the amusement equipment company reputation in the market, fieldwork amusement equipment company's production scale, production capacity, and the enterprise qualifications, etc. , at the same time, the best in the production of their own amusement equipment can send professional supervision and safety of amusement equipment in the factory production situation. Zhongshan kimball recreational equipment co. , LTD focus on new amusement equipment research and development production safety quality amusement equipment provides only from amusement equipment supply to site planning design, equipment installation environment decoration, amusement equipment after-sales maintenance and operation instruction one-stop service! Kimball has 50000 square meters of modern production base of high capacity kimball has 50 million registered capital strength kimball has experienced 10 years of research and development of amusement equipment manufacturing experience kimball has independent product development center can be custom-made private amusement equipment kimball is alibaba recommended power merchants kimball is baidu credit certification recommend kimball is Chinese suppliers believe trade through enterprise kimball is middle association unit kimball is one of the world more than 10 countries, more than 1000 large-scale theme park depth cooperation manufacturer kimball is the force behind the past more than 3000 big customer kimball future investment amusement equipment are the best partners look forward to creating value for you! Kimball, a focus on amusement equipment research and development power source factories making more than 10 years, can withstand the market customer's various assessment and test. Pay more attention to amusement equipment industry information WWW. jbyoule。 com
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