Old Peking Man

by:LETIAN     2020-06-26
From Beijing to fifty years old 'birthday called'.General wel ten called 'birthday,' like fifty birthday, his 60th birthday, 70, but actually is often 50 at the age of 59 at XuSui do sixtieth birthday, the rest of the analogy. A silver spoon do birthday can be very grand, prior to friends and relatives hair invitation, general to three days in advance.time your day, some in the home run, some in FanZhuang do.At home in the courts do, made by (summer, winter elishah, secretly by greenhouses) hang eight fan screen, a 'three kingdoms' writes, 'pattern of shuihu' story, even on a window on the tent with bright red 'long-lived word', and colorful buns and bright red box, to stick to old lady holding the long-lived '' wufu, the middle one is a circular pattern of life around five words, surrounded by colorful bats.Bird loose HuangLiang even pitched red, the festive color is red, housing or HuangLiang lubricious pompoms, secretly put there are tea desk. Relatives and friends after receiving invitations to prepare came into.ShouMian mostly buns, entered, with the pastry and longevity shou word tent.Peach is a peach shape big steamed bread, coping has a pointed, dyed red, could be in order, himself a bodega steamed bread home also to can do.ShouMian is really a machine rolling views, dish into the slender, the top gives peach shape, inserted into the birthday girl writes for flowers, outside the paper-cut hood red wine.MDCT ShouMian can also spread in order. ShouTang arranged in ZhengFang atria, is BaiShou smartly spot.Positive embroidery or draw hung on the wall, or the birthday girl like sushi word enterprise with life, them shade or reading 'FuRuDongHai ShouLian, many returns'.Also have for fu, lu, shou on samsung like of, in the truth LaQian, putting use life and male candle, arranging the HuaTong, also devote censer.If it end up being ShouTang , outdated lady to hang red satin embroider golden five bat for AnQian carrying longevity pattern, put a statue MaGu offering like sushi.In the case LaQian, censer cover of a crane diao lotus, ganoderma lucidum shape, even in the truth put fresh peaches (or apple), the surface fresh, snacks, each five bowl writes JinShou words in the for flowers.In LaQian below also pressure yellow money, paper silver piece, thousand, AnQian lay a red cushion, who KouTou for bow down to the knees.The table on shop on record is red bottom, castles writes the cherubims shou word or is round of nahor, deer, humans and other pictorial. Civilians ShouTang is somebody else's small on the square table is positiioned in the prototype, point ShouMian peach, a big double pack the red candles, pressure a worship god, to accuse any falsely; sweet candle shop please a wooden color printing 'this life prolong ginseng.longevity king' in god god yards clip on paper clip. Birthday girl wearing a pattern of ampullarium laoer sit plush chair in robes of relatives and friends, accept praise.Junior are generally kowtow, bow down some giovanni cobolli gigli words, said KouTou ginseng.longevity laoer equals when people arise and make utilization of them holding movement, says please various other from ritual.If a good elder, simply by royal salutes more active let elders sitting on his seat by the royal kowtowing and share with them. The royal family by the younger generation of the ShouTang two side, standing in really want BaiShou relatives and friends came HaiLi.Friends have life presents, red bottom containing aureate, 'writes a benevolent embroidered shou', 'your ShouWuJi', 'China FengSan wish' (male), 'peng island kind', 'wu spring SuTeng fai', 'ShouYu open auspicious' (female) etc reception.Life will hold on tight secretly containing typically.Also have sent ShouLian, like '9 like days, five surety ampullarium first' following that.And send some calligraphy and painting, painting a pine tree, writes MaGu crane, deer, and 100 survivors, eight immortals, long-lived figure.Generally ShouTang hung in the structure.Another send silk, jade, antiques, BiMoZhiYan.And crisp, with red seal red-envelope written in cash, suit 'HeJing x yuan'. day noon, evening, host to entertain friends and relatives, pendulum birthday from high-end yan ChiXi, sea cucumber seats to ordinary catering can, but staple food must be noodles, called 'ChangShouMian'.Civilians small not for you to catering, only several sample preparation, cooked noodles stir-fried, mix on pork, eggs, agaric, huanghua, mushroom stewed playing. wealthy, but please sing tanghui, performance artist of Beijing Opera, varieties are DeFangXi, various quyi, juggling, shadow puppets, etc.Tanghui ended, all the relatives and friends converged on ginseng.longevity guy in ShouTang sacrifice fu lu shou samsung and MaGu, will light the lying towards the plate with ZhiNian into light color snuff flowers dip in on the number of balm lit, the snuff than the older two, one is increasing longevity benmingnian, one is on evening, after the birthday girl laoer shakily, then by he lit wish for and relatives each dish, torre a lamp outside into with god yards, worship god, called 'money together incineration send snuff'. Folk besides comparing grand elder do birthday, the general XiaoBei people outside a birthday is not to celebrate.Birthday is certainly not but family festivity to eat DaLuMian just.In addition to your normaletiquette outside, still need some special birthday custom, like some old man to thrill the monk, lay by reading life.To hit send succoth with longevity, hosting to congratulate friends table.Some buddhists in birthday 'to release'.By their children from bird dealers like bought some sparrows, the bird personally open door ginseng.longevity laoer, for the birds fly away, or buy some live fish, put back into the water, and all the friends and relatives at this moment will beside say hello to the birthday girl, said some 'laoer meritorious deeds immeasurable', 'longevity' gigli vocals.
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