Non Stop Bollywood Hungama on Cool 94.7 FM

by:LETIAN     2020-06-27
It is a well -known fact that Bollywood music had spread its sounds tremendously across the globe. In every segment of the music whether Hindi songs, western, classical, album songs, pop or rap, Punjabi songs, Bollywood music has established the milestones. The sweetness and tender essence it offers to the listeners is beyond comparison. Cool 94.7 fm which will be the number one Asian radio station in the UAE, plays amazing collections of evergreen Bollywood melodies due to listeners round the clock. For the very first time, Cool fm provides the format of Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) wherein it plays nonstop latest Bollywood chartbusters and pumping hits! Besides, to as possible . listeners glued, to the channel, Cool fm furthermore designed interesting shows for their listeners. Here you have detailed information about the shows: - Vickypedia: Here is the morning breakfast show with RJ Vicky and RJ Knight in shining armor. They are sure to take you on a roller coaster ride in the morning with some smashing Bollywood keeps track of! Certainly, listening to this show is an ideal ways to super-charge your morning and pump in energized at your job. - Nothing Official: This is an alleviating follow up show with RJ Pooja after the power-packed morning hand techinque! She will help you chill out with an interesting lifestyle show providing informative updates about online marketing trends. Moreover, additionally you can chart your career graph and existence with a numerologist and a feng shui expert utilizing crazy contest and great music! - Band Baja Bollywood: This show is bliss in the lazy afternoon with RJ Alba wherein she plays back to back action -packed Bollywood numbers along with mind-boggling contests. This show allows in which participate in various competitions and games and gives you a chance to win exciting prices then and right! - Drive Dana Dan: Its time for some tea and bread pakoras along with radioactive RJ Neha. Catch her fun and frolic non stop 3 hours from 4pm to 7pm and enjoy all of the Bollywood madness and discussions with her! - One for your Road: This is often a purely 'listeners choice' show with RJ/DJ Abhijeet. Listeners obtain a room to converse their day to day happenings with RJ Abhijeet and order their favorite Bollywood songs. - Saturday Superstars: This a brand new show on Cool 94.7 fm where RJ Alveena walks you on a glamorous roller coaster ride of famous bollywood celebrities, their lifestyles, controversies, trivia, likes , dislikes merely everything about men and women! The show will be on air every Saturday from 5 to 7pm! These aforementioned elongated interesting shows of Cool ninety four.7 fm are sure to match your Bollywood music palate and your companion round the time! It also strives carryout an unique identity, which works with UAE's lifestyle of the young, hip, enthusiastic and responsible individual, by infusing non-stop 100% unadulterated fun into all the shows!
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