More Features of YAMAHA FZ16

by:LETIAN     2020-06-29
Bikes in order to passion for men since several decades. Bikes are appreciable if delivers comfort as well elegant seek. One of such bike is YAMAHAFZ16. It is ideal for fast ride on streets and has slim tyres with light body weight of additionally. The bike is designed so that requires oneself to bend top of the part with the body giving the pressure over the handles from the bike. This design has very much attracted feel . of China. This design is preferable for long distance ride higher speed. Such design prevents oneself from getting tiered. This bike has a relaxed geometry which gives the rider a cosy experience. YAMAHA bikes are a leading selling bike in the of style and elegance in The indian subcontinent. The brand ambassador of YAMAHA could be the star John Abraham. Yamaha FZ16 is manufactured in India by Yamaha engines. This bike was launched with the slogan of 'Highlight your style' in March '09. The specification which Yamaha FZ16 provides is different. Engine: Yamaha FZ16 has air cooled four stroke SOHC engine. It displacement of 153 closed circuit. It gives both the facilities launch and electric start. Initially when the bike was launched, Yamaha only added electric start to the bike however in 2011 they've got introduced commence to have better performance of the bike. The bore and stroke is 58.0 x 57.9 millimeter. Its compression ratio is 9.5:1. The cylinder layout is single type. Transmission: The transmission type of such a bike is constant mesh 5 data transfer rate. The primary drive is gear drive and final drive is chain build. The excellent feature of this bike is it gives accurate and excellent gear ratio in each gear amendment. First gear ratio is 2.714, second gear ratio is 1.789, third gear ratio is 1.318, fourth 1.045, and also the fifth gear ratio is 0.875. Clutch type is wet and multiple capability. Running gear and chasses: The bikes frame type is diamond which is very rare. Main suspension is telescopic and rear suspension is swing arm. The wheel is made of 1,335 mm. The bike has both disc and drum type brakes. Looking at the screen it has disc type brake and in rear akin to drum type brake. Likewise includes headlight 12 V, 35 / 35 W. The battery is 12 V, 5.0 Ah. Dimensions: The length of the bike is 1,973 mm, the width is 770 mm and height is about 1,045 millimeter. The seat height is 790 millimeter. The ground clearance is about 160 mm. The fuel capacity of additionally is 12 litres. Price: Yamaha bikes price in India varies according towards model one select.
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