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by:LETIAN     2020-04-20
Due to the rapid development of national economy, with the advent of the third industry, the most rapid development in tourism industry, play outdoor leisure amusement facilities is also more and more projects. That this year's National Day holiday, go to the amusement park's friends do not know how to choose the fun and exciting amusement equipment, if has experience again hard to avoid is a little small luxury ah, haven't feel some rides the play, a waste of money. Small make up recommend a funfair to go out to visit friends which rides project deserves you must go to play? 38 deluxe double carousel: this equipment is a kind of new type carousel amusement machine, very suitable for adults and children aged 1 to take visit amusement machine, is the preferred family rides, take the product can be as circular rotating, lifting up and down and swing back and forth movement; Beautiful shape, bright color, glass fiber reinforced plastic model image, vivid, lifelike, bright beautiful, is children's favorite entertainment equipment. In a play, the disc rotate smoothly, and simulation animal model lift up and down and swing back and forth, submissive, with vivid, beautiful music and flashing lights, passengers feel real horse pentium, passengers enjoy unlimited joy. Rotation speed, rotation speed is also called the rapid floating car, the movement of the product is characterized by circular rotation and slide along the rail movement as a whole. Kimball production the rotating speed of material USES glass reinforced plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic piano lacquer that bake process is clear, lifelike. Rotating speed good appearance atmosphere, deserve to go up beautiful colorful lights, rides, cockpit disc rotate smoothly, and music to passengers a wandering in the real and virtual stimulation, let visitors happy infinite. In now, can not extricate themselves. Air force one: a lot of people don't know what air force one, small make up to you to popularize the knowledge about kimball air force one. Kimball air force one is one of the large-scale amusement equipment, the equipment stimulus is bigger, entertaining. 32 people air force one amusement equipment is my company in March 2017 newly launched a new amusement equipment, is according to the proportion of 1:1 introduced abroad, the cockpit modelling of flowery, flying saucer rise and fall like outer space, big wheel revolving slowly by the slow and fast, small turntable slowly rising at the same time, due to the rise of small turntable, weightlessness, thrill came flooding back. Just like in space travel. Coupled with the beautiful sound lighting effects, make the person shine at the moment, itch to try! The amusement machines of rotating equipment is not suitable for children under the age of 3 to play, and have high blood pressure, low blood sugar, heart disease, easy people, such as dizziness, also do not recommend to play. Jump off a building machine: everyone should not unfamiliar to jump off a building machine, met is not played a lot of people, to see such a high equipment will produce the timid psychological and dare not to play, but no kimball jump off a building machine, kimball recreational rotate jump off a building machine, also known as 20 meters of the space shuttle, ordinary jump off a building machine can only be vertical freefall, kimball can rotate by jumping off a building elevator, stimulation and upgrade! Take kimball rotation jump off a building machine and you feel like to fly out of the seat, but moments from dozens of meters high fell sharply. You seems to be out of earth's gravity, until the end of the visit to return to reality. These devices not only to enrich tourist experience, but let visitors experience will be unforgettable stimulation. You sit up, fasten your seat belt and scream. This is the challenge adrenaline outbreak of journey to speed. Very dizzy feeling of heart palpitations and unforgettable stimulation, to play in the playground if not kimball is equivalent to white go to jump off a building machine. Small make up to introduce the carousel with rotating speed in both belong to stimulate the mild amusement equipment, air force one with kimball jump off a building machine belongs to large stimulus class amusement equipment, has been playing irritating amusement equipment can let you in a state of intense irritability, can let a person produce fatigue, if collocation type mild amusement equipment can play together and play state and alleviate the mood, won't produce fatigue, make the mood more cheerful and light. Pay more attention to recommend consulting please: WWW. jbyoule。 com
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