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by:LETIAN     2020-04-19
2017 play amusement equipment unexpectedly can also save money, isn't it amazing? 吗? Open playground are crazy! ! ! ! And listen to the small make up to explain, this play not only allows you to save money, at the same time play to hi! The 'save money' is not 'save money'. Take this amusement equipment lets you experience the carousel dreamy feeling at the same time, can also experience the pirate ship adventure, and the stimulation of swing machine! Is this year's sales artifact - — Rotating speed! Rotation speed is also called mini coasters, composed of track plus body class rides a new orbits. Kimball recreational equipment co. , LTD. Is a manufacture of amusement equipment, amusement equipment manufacturer, has 17 years of experience in large-scale amusement equipment production. Mainly produces large amusement equipment, carousel amusement equipment, roller coaster amusement equipment, rotating class amusement equipment, aquatic amusement equipment, children's amusement equipment, rail train amusement equipment and other amusement equipment, the rotation of the rotating speed is kimball production orbit a kind of amusement equipment, the equipment by the kimball independent research and development production and manufacturing, is a collection of swing machine, rotating plane, pirate ship characteristics of three kinds of amusement equipment in the integration of new recreational facilities. Body in orbit around drift rotate 360 degrees at the same time, at the same time of rotary body, make you scream fun and exciting. Kimball mini coasters are produced by using glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, through the professional craft of the lacquer that bake this equipment has the environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, safe and reliable, etc. Because the fashionable modelling of sports car, mini coasters and fluent line, the outline of sharp, beautiful appearance generous, attracted a lot of powder, kimball mini speed since the listing was deeply loved by the masses of friends and good chase. One can experience carousel, pirate ship, rotating speed and swing machine this three kinds of amusement equipment, entertainment, can save money play horse, pirate ship, swing machine, why not! Want to play pirate ship with carousel friend might as well try rotating speed, will definitely bring you endless aftertaste, never forget!
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