Large outdoor recreational facilities factory production situation

by:LETIAN     2020-04-26
Large outdoor recreational facilities manufacturer produces bimodal Egypt exploration, there's a big fun of slide rail class amusement equipment production, in the first half of this year kimball recreational unimodal Egypt exploration many shipments, the feedback is very good, bimodal Egypt exploration has to order this year in December, the company expanded production site, the original plan the expansion of the factory areas to make first to fly high production, the ferris wheel and bimodal adventure in Egypt. Compared with large roller coaster, his height from the ground, glide distance is short, more suitable for the pursuit of small to stimulate people to play, and compared with the price of large roller coaster, and benefits a lot, and can take 24 people at a time, turnover is more significant, is each big playground revenue darling. Many first-time amusement equipment industry investors may not know this industry procurement doorways, don't know how to distinguish manufacturer of amusement equipment strength, took the bimodal Egypt exploration, for example, bimodal Egypt exploration belongs to a class B slide rail class amusement equipment, are the provincial special equipment inspection institute approved and issued by the qualified production qualification and qualification of the enterprise can produce the equipment installation, if not careful procurement not qualified certificate to the manufacturer's twin peaks Egypt exploration, you purchase cannot be opened smoothly, to pass local counsel, so this kind of special equipment inspection qualified before operation. Large outdoor recreational facilities manufacturer production situation there are many don't have a bimodal Egypt exploration amusement equipment production qualification of manufacturers and traders in the network a large number of images of the shenzhou flying saucer, materials, or even steal other qualified manufacturer of pictures to pretend to be the production of their own, let customers unable to correctly distinguish the enterprise authenticity, lead to a lot of customers are those without formal qualifications manufacturers of cheap price and attract the past, after thorough understanding industry rules, regret! So, before purchasing bimodal Egypt exploration, must want to correspond to the manufacturer to confirm production installation qualification, and visit the production factory, understand the manufacturer production along with all the installation is complete customer case, best can field visits, to discuss it later after confirm the accurate cooperation not late. Large outdoor recreational facilities factory production situation
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