Large outdoor amusement facilities which income effect is good?

by:LETIAN     2020-03-30
The Spring Festival is near! More and more customers to order client amusement equipment, including a lot of customers in the consultation compared with outdoor large amusement facilities, don't know what to choose. Large amusement facilities choice is very important, compared to the small amusement equipment for large amusement facilities higher request to the manufacturer's technical ability, so everyone at the time of purchase large amusement facilities to choose the professional manufacturers, avoid amusement equipment accidents, to come as far as possible choose to have the special equipment manufacturing license issued by the state. Outdoor large amusement facilities price on the high side, why there are so many people crowded broken head want to invest? Actually the more large playground for the kids to play the amusement equipment is less, because operators always feel big playground is only more suitable for large-scale amusement equipment, is not, large equipment is more suitable for teenagers to play, is not suitable for children to play, so the playground equipment not to do all the small and medium-sized equipment, but must let the big small and medium-sized equipment, combining can better manage the playground. Our common outdoor large amusement facilities mainly have a pirate ship, pendulum, a roller coaster, jump off a building machine, etc. , equipment running over two meters high can be referred to as large amusement equipment, and at the time of the operator class amusement equipment that require manufacturers to provide all kinds of equipment, or illegal operation, not only is harmful to our operator is irresponsible for tourists, so we must pay attention to this aspect. Outdoor large-scale amusement facilities should consider above all is investment income, so many large amusement facilities, if choose gains good effect equipment, first of all, in addition to the choice of the device itself, your site positioning is also very important, have the playground of marketing operation is to determine the critical factors of income effect. Choose a strong, strong ability to service the large amusement equipment suppliers is the foundation of project investment success, purchasing large outdoor amusement facilities, look for the kimball is settled, you worry more than a little: 1. Professional team, reasonable recommended amusement equipment products, custom exclusive equipment according to customer's requirements. 2. Quality assurance, only produce high quality amusement equipment, insist on quality, focusing on high-quality goods equipment. 3. Kimball amusement equipment, best-selling all over the world, has a modern production site, customers all over the world. 4. After-sales service, provided free of charge equipment operation training, product problems reflect on the day the day. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ large outdoor amusement facilities related to question 1, the investment large outdoor amusement facilities need how many money? Answer: money invested according to field area, equipment configuration number and select the relevant style, needs a specific data to estimate! 2, outdoor playground, what procedure to need? A: first of all should have received instructions of land, the second to have formal declaration formalities, amusement equipment installed after going through pledges inspect bureau safety inspection certificate can operate only after qualified method, these formalities have large amusement facilities together with our customers and the manufacturer, without having to worry about! 3, general large amusement facilities, how long is the warranty? Answer: the normal rules of large-scale amusement facilities free warranty period is 1 year, general manufacturers can free distribution of daily wearing parts, change their operators can do daily maintenance, after-sales maintenance is for life! 4, how to identify the legitimacy of the qualification of production in large amusement equipment manufacturers a: large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer production and installation qualification is issued by national pledges inspect bureau, cannot be counterfeited, did not have formal qualifications is one of the large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer is unable to do inspection declaration, large-scale amusement equipment is also unable to operate smoothly, so don't choose without formal qualifications of amusement equipment manufacturer production equipment!
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