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by:LETIAN     2020-04-16
The director: matt reeves directed 【 Scarlet ball rise 3 】 , today officially released in China in the morning, a lot of scarlet fans after the midnight, finish see all sorts of praise and sigh. Douban net friend drink song said: this series, this is absolutely the most appropriate MSC. First of all, this is a very mature commercial, special effects from the scene to story characters, everything just well complement each other. And the growth of Caesar, but also in this series of righteousness; From the first to establish itself, to the second part of the self, to which a self sublimation, Caesar led a finished all the grandchildren a human spiritual construction is achieved. 'Scarlet ball rise 3' on July 14, was released in North America, only one day on the first day box office revenue reached $22. 1 million, easily won the north American box office over the weekend. The assessment of audiences and critics before magic is consistent, have to say that this movie is the best film series. As a final chapter 'scarlet ball rise' series, the story took place in the second part 'the rise of scarlet ball: battle of the dawn' after two years. Apes and humans war has lasted for two years, Caesar had been living in the violence and crazy. He was afflicted with almost died, at the same time also see enough of apes compatriots died in the war, he wants to revenge. At the same time, human cruelty and wreak havoc to Caesar woke up the demon in my heart! A major war begins! ” We are not the barbarian, the ape family unity is strength & quot; Caesar's spiritual beliefs. And in his faith & quot; Apes & quot; Not ape race, all has the compassion, peaceful species are & quot; People like us & quot; The general mind, leader. The most appropriate interpretation, that is, treating human girl Nova ( The star) : although not ape, but like apes peace-loving, sympathy for the weak. In humans, in contrast, the colonel represented extreme racial theorists, became & quot; A Wolf skin of & quot; 。 They not only to the alien driven, even invisible to those of infected with the virus, and early ape tribe & quot; Apes don't kill apes & quot; Still less than the simple theory. True human degradation is not due to a virus, but the degradation of faith. Film will enlarge the dark side of human nature to the extreme, traces the history, what's the difference between apes and, after the movie if you want peace and apes, kimball try new research and development of large-scale amusement equipment Jurassic transformers can meet you this desire, the large-scale amusement equipment for orangutans handling trucks vacillated rework principle, lifelike ape modelling, sitting by the gorilla hands holding a truck inside, let it lifts from top to bottom, are you a face of water spray, spray make you also experience a good actress. Large-scale amusement equipment/Jurassic transformers series of this large amusement equipment, there are 2 kinds of specifications, the design of the large outdoor amusement equipment size is higher, the other outside a size is relatively small, indoor and outdoor playground can be placed, the modeling of large-scale amusement equipment in addition to receive movie Jurassic transformers fans and scarlet ball rise like fan, the children more love, travel expo in 2017, want to take this kind of large-scale amusement equipment of children lined up in long queues, some kids made four or five rounds don't want to come down. And as such a popular and occasional large amusement equipment, is worth you to invest here, if you want to know the specific parameters of the large-scale amusement equipment information, please contact our staff.
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