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by:LETIAN     2020-04-12
The snow in the north again, a lot of theme park of the new large amusement facilities carry up there? Why there are such doubts? Face vagaries of winter in the north, yesterday was the sun is shining, cold today. Tan all sorts of beauty, circle of friends is really the drunk, still immersed in the beautiful scene of snow, was the website reported the accident caused by the heavy snow accumulation see more heart-pounding! Snow is a good thing, the north snow, see ice sculptures, rollerblading, is a very happy thing, but no snow too fierce resistance, too hard, for the better part of a Chinese, too seriously, too deeply, under some bus-stop hefei outweighs the people did not have to pressure, anhui tree sent out a protest, fell also does not forget the row of cars under the tree to a hell together, is very hot recently in 2018 various stem word has nowhere to go. Heavy snow for a long time for amusement park will no doubt affect the normal business of playground equipment, large amusement park amusement facilities will also impact because of this, many businessmen worry about large amusement park facilities of exposed parts will not be because of the heavy snow backlog and cause damage or failure? Cockpit can withstand a series of problems such as heavy snow. Please operators don't panic, answers questions about these kimball amusement equipment manufacturer for you! Due to the north near the earth's North Pole, far away from the earth equator, so one year almost for three months in ice snow weather, so this a few months amusement park's normal business has become a big problem, if encounter snow for a long time, and how to maintain large outdoor amusement facilities? Tell from the structure and material, compressive bus stop just so overwhelmed the snow, because the associated with the design of the bus station itself, just to give passengers a sheet can shift the rain awning, ceiling is usually use PC bus endurance plate, although for PC endurance plate strength more than tempered glass, can fight against the normal pressure, rain and general light snow will not be affected, once the snow for a long time, bear, the snow accumulation is not melt drop ceiling collapse resulting in time, cause an accident. Large amusement facilities of all of the material is crossing the paint of steel, and overall modelling is can according to the maximum bearing capacity design, around the center of gravity of the people, whether it weighed more than one hundred kg of fat, or the cockpit full, will not affect the normal operation of the large-scale amusement facilities and equipment safety series, park operators so you no need to worry about outdoor large-scale amusement facilities can not carry. For after the heavy snow hit, can do some protective measures, all outdoor amusement facilities to power outages, the park staff also don't risk climbing equipment to clean the snow, like a cockpit place after snow melt can leak device designed by the bottom sit on its own put the water clean. Stay dry ventilation equipment, run large amusement facilities for inspection.
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