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by:LETIAN     2020-03-28
Rural complex development is our country economy development and the trend of rural people life quality improvement performance, with the integrated development of urbanization in our country, rural population to leave the land, the development of rural urbanization more and more, remote village become more deformity, the rural industry does not rely on land is increasingly serious, the formation of the isolation between population, land, industry, for the future of learning idea greatly urban integration development is very bad, so to promote rural complex development has a certain role in promoting rural development, is a beautiful country rise to version of national strategic development. Now rural complex construction is rural ecological landscape, recreational facilities construction industry. Outdoor recreational facilities with large amusement equipment as the core, so large amusement facilities for developing characteristic town and rural comprehensive development have the effect of what? Theme park construction and promotion of the development cannot leave the entertainment facilities, theme parks need packaging by large amusement facilities projects, due to gain an insight into the 'butter to a modern city 'of the feast, more and more people pay attention to the communication, the cultural connotation in culture and park, under the common effect to the image of the theme park is more profound. Large amusement facilities for amusement equipment manufacturer, is not only a simple amusement equipment production, higher request to the amusement equipment manufacturer, need large amusement facilities of the whole planning and theme parks to redefine the cultural connotation, large-scale amusement equipment is very important in the field of theme park. So large amusement facilities will be developed in rural complex development process as what role? Mosaic development must rely on rural ecological environment, rural industrialization, circulation and greening. For the development of rural comprehensive development anyway first is to keep the rural landscape, must notice ruralize, predominantly rural, development for other times. Can so large amusement facilities planning and construction but not too much, or too commercialized, lost the original rural style. Rural complex development of the construction of the theme park can also exist, it promote the development of rural industry, cultural entertainment life spirit and rich areas, three can combine to rural development and aims, live together and promote each other. Eventually to improve rural people's living level, rural urban integration. Tourism culture development cannot leave the support of amusement equipment, large-scale amusement facilities construction as the modern tourism development is like a pot of hot soup seasoning, amusement equipment for investment and economic development not only can drive the industry consumption of other industries, rich life and cultural spirit of entertainment areas, effective measures to promote the development of rural integrated.
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