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by:LETIAN     2020-04-14
Kimball amusement in dandong area site of many large amusement facilities is ready, have access to the installation area, has several large amusement facilities of construction completion has entered the stage of the cleaning. The following is a 32 people control aircraft and 72 ( 92). People around cups of amusement facilities installation pictures. Can be seen from the diagram above 32 people control the plane has already installed, the workers are ready to clean up the scene, 72 ( 92). People around a cup has the installation is complete, the platform part ready to extend construction. Air force one has access to the site for the construction. Is access to the installation area of large-scale amusement facilities, also has to carry out the work of the construction of the site, there are still large amusement facilities jump off a building machine, roll music ship is Yu Jinbo amusement equipment manufacturer for tension in the production process, in a few days will be completed production. Large roller coaster was on November 21, from kimball cooperative logistics loading transport in the afternoon, I will arrive at installation site. Zhongshan kimball recreational equipment co. , LTD. Mainly produces large amusement facilities, amusement equipment, supporting services, has 50000 ㎡ professional production base and industry standards of production equipment more than 60 units, Italy amusement equipment from German designers to provide technical guidance to try kimball, 16 senior certified engineer, chief engineer with 40 years of industry experience, can undertake multiple theme park equipment production at the same time, pay attention to production limitation on the premise of quality assurance. Welcome customers to plant on-the-spot investigation, the establishment of cooperation, we provide amusement equipment operators basic operation training, after-sale problems timely response within 24 hours, the quality problem of personnel to handle, all kimball amusement equipment enjoy lifelong maintenance service.
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