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by:LETIAN     2020-04-15
Kimball has entered the countdown, 2017 under the efforts of the staff, thanks to the support and trust of customers, kimball amusement equipment this year completed a proud achievement, through the analysis of the customer data this year, the agricultural sightseeing garden, rural complex has become an important customer of this year, compared with has compared to the size of the amusement park management group, Mosaic in rural land planning area bigger, planning project more rich, concentrated to watch with three big plate play many category, entertainment, in addition to the playground play plate of form a complete set, some new technology facilities, interactive facilities, virtual infrastructure is also popular. As early as this year's 'central first document' especially put forward the new concept of 'rural complex'. The specific expression is: 'support conditional construction of rural farmers cooperatives as the main carrier, let farmers to fully participate in and benefit from, collection of circular agriculture, creative agriculture, farming experience in the integration of rural complex, through the comprehensive development of agriculture and rural comprehensive reform pilot demonstration transfer payments and other channels. The concept of 'learning rural complex, at least seven aspects to reveal the policy information. First, is the national rural complex construction to boost agricultural supply side structural reform, speed up the agriculture rural development new kinetic energy of a big deal. Second, rural complex is a kind of aims to broaden the formats of the agricultural industrial chain and value chain. Third, rural complex livable appropriate industry characteristics of towns and villages is an important part of structure and the industrial. Fourth, rural complex should be performed in the conditional countryside construction. Fifth, the construction of rural complex should farmers cooperatives as the main carrier, let farmers to fully participate in and benefit. Sixth, the construction of the rural complex focus on circular agriculture, creative agriculture and farming experience. Seventh, countries to support rural complex channels and means to the construction of 'comprehensive agricultural development and rural comprehensive reform of transfer payment', and in order to carry out the pilot demonstration. Rural tourism is only starting point of the construction of the complex and important content, but not all. To improve rural complex construction, keep the sustainability of rural complex development, also need to be in the expansion and extension of industry chain fluctuation kongfu. Is according to the concept of resource integration, the use of 'travel +' and mode of thinking, in circular agriculture, creativity based on the basic support of agriculture, farming experience, promote tourism and agriculture, forestry, agricultural products processing, the characteristics of product development, culture, sports, health industry such as integration, make the 123 industry in rural complex connected to each other, and form a chain, integration development, build up a multi-industry simultaneously, effective value-added industrial complex. Next year, try kimball company will increase support for the rural complex customer and form a complete set, and for such clients in advance to do market research, planning category, according to the different geographical features, exclusive custom large amusement equipment with cultural characteristics and local flavor, the corresponding national call to make original as basic to follow, to show the days axe on viewing side water and soil and a born beauty, let a person see the uniqueness of 'a man without I have'.
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