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by:LETIAN     2020-04-22
The life needs stimulation, what kind of play can dilute pressure, what I said, learning on the net for the adventure of playground will play rides to hide in where, what kind of large-scale amusement equipment is had to experience? Small make up is genuine, chongqing people today to share together in chongqing who had to jump in the thrilling and exciting of large-scale amusement equipment: wansheng ordovician specialty dishes ordovician theme park is a theme park is given priority to with exciting rides high theme park, park, adjust measures to local conditions, use of karst landscape structures, for the adventure of ecri storeys high altitude experience, challenge rides, each designed to stimulate the adrenaline, each challenge human fear and physiological limit of high altitude. Chongqing happy valley is the first domestic 'mountain version of' happy valley, in the true sense brings together multiple international rush rides, created more than one 'of the', including the national version only a mountain flying wing roller coaster. The world's sixth, southwest 120 meters tallest observation wheel; Southwest's largest mountain longest wooden coaster, etc. Theme park according to the 'happy hour', 'dream island', 'hurricane bay', 'dinosaur forest', 'old chongqing', 'valley mining town' six themes area set up different characteristic intergenerational roller coaster and merry-go-round, leap in chongqing, surging ahead, such as the pair of heaven and earth is suitable for different ages for unlimited rides. And music theme parks and music with the subject of natural life wildlife world, the subject of instrument amusement equipment entertainment paradise, the subject of animals performing arts theater, with commercial shopping as the theme of the earth village, with high-tech digital image experience as the theme of the city of lava, the subject of natural ecological leisure vacation five-star holiday hotel group of six theme park, etc. Chongqing sea Marine park in chongqing han han Ocean Park is divided into Ocean Park and whale bay water is the world's two most theme park, is set to eat, live, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment for the integration of high quality large Marine theme park. At present, Ocean Park has been open rainforest hall, two elements of the ocean pavilion pavilion, pavilion to visit the area of 23000 square meters, displaying biological hundreds of species, a total of more than 50000 tail. Venues include '360 ° panoramic coral reef', 'galaxy jellyfish pavilion', 'Pandora square', 'sea temple' and other 12 distinctive theme pavilion
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