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by:LETIAN     2020-04-19
Zhongshan kimball is settled since the launch of rotary shuttle, many businessmen came to order, since kimball jump off a building machine sold the first device management has reached more than 20, customers reflect the kimball jump off a building machine sales is very good, tourists attendance ultra-high, visitors also have praised, says kimball rotary shuttle is not only an exciting, and visit on the way is very special. Rotate the space shuttle is a large stimulus adult amusement equipment, very popular among young adults. Rotary shuttle also known as 'sounding shuttle' is widely cognitive 'jump off a building machine rotation of the space shuttle is the second generation' 'jump off a building machine. Rotate the space shuttle is a large outdoor amusement equipment, on the playground, crowded in the square, leisure and entertainment as one of the park. Yiwu trade city of baiyin, gansu province hu order a few large amusement equipment, including a rotating shuttle. Kimball rotation jump off a building machine as a new generation of upgrade in large stimulus amusement equipment, has a unique effect on footnote, whether from the design complexity of structure and operation level, to play a not to let the passengers love and joy, a ride in the tourist experience above equipment lifting while enjoying the rotation stimulation, fun and exciting, the adventure is safe, let the passengers heart tightly in the excited state, make you happy at the same time have a love-hate relationship! This is the charm of jump off a building machine. Kimball jump off a building machine foundation of market demand and now people entertainment in the mind, stimulate demand design production new stimulus amusement equipment fly high amusement machine. Jump off a building machine amusement machine structure unique, majestic appearance, use gb steel, environmental protection paint, and detection by related department's investors and tourists can safely order and take a new stimulus such large equipment. Rides on the seat, with high-speed rotating equipment rise, to 20 m high, bring visitors breathtaking and stimulating, is the young men and women will not optional play project, also is the best choice for investment. In addition to amusement theme product supply, try kimball also provides theme design planning and site construction of one-stop service. Landscape engineering business scope including: tourist resort, children's park, theme park, children's professional experience, the design and manufacture of commercial buildings, such as landscape. Children's amusement business scope includes: shopping square, theme restaurants, kindergarten, theme parks, indoor playground, tourist resorts, and other places of public area. Customer's eyes, good equipment procurement, of course, many people to come to consult, try kimball employees are working overtime to complete the customer as soon as possible to each order, to complete the task as soon as possible to install, make customers enjoy the most point to kimball to create the value of the vehicle.
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