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by:LETIAN     2020-03-29
National Day countdown, another day. Hang out haven't arrange travel friends, like to play, love, the pursuit of exciting friends come over, can go to these places to play with other large recreation facilities such as air force one project, make sure you play to cool, wave a enough. Air force one is a interesting amusement equipment, safety stimulus action as one of the amusement equipment. Air force one by kimball try the introduction of Italian machinery designers design concept and the processing technology as the core design and manufacture of equipment, the equipment is safer seats have double insurance. By kimball vehicle research and development production of air force one since march this year listed, has spent more than 30 site and start business. Are investment management part of the customer name is as follows: the field of jiangxi lushan west sea spend valley resort, wuhan dragon ecology village, anhui ma on shan yao home village eco-tourism resort, qinhuangdao JiHong fishing community hot spring resort, four seasons flowers and spa town of hubei province, chongqing wansheng black young hui peak paradise valley, shandong weifang wanda plaza, hengshui universal carnival playground, wing on the lianhua ecology garden, zaozhuang, shandong province, yunnan lijiang city international sea park, heilongjiang bon sports park, weifang le fort water park, one of the world's, tianjin west ji chau international travel resort and so on more than 20 famous leisure tourism scenic spot. Want to go to air force one's friends and never played air force one's friends, here is a copy of the technical parameters on air force one for reference: air force one amusement equipment technical parameters: air force one amusement equipment equipment voltage: 380 v air force one amusement equipment total power: 25 kw air force one amusement equipment height: 4 m air force one amusement equipment operation height: 1. 96 meters of air force one amusement equipment speed: 1. 9 m/S rotation: less than or equal to 12 RPM revolution of 6 RPM air force one amusement equipment wheel diameter: 12 m air force one amusement equipment by number: amusement equipment covers an area of 32 people air force one: diameter of 15 m and provide a aboard air force one experience experience and feelings, when air force one amusement equipment is running, the bottom of the market in a clockwise rotation driven by electricity, remained at 160 meters per minute, stay in the condition of passenger dizzy from time to time, each group of theme 4 cockpit, 2 seats, theme cockpit counterclockwise based on the market, to make the passengers are in time of tunnel as a fun time. Equipment at first by slowly turning, step by step change to spin, each cabin also start swinging under program control, 360 ° super moves, such as, make passenger experience a weightless fun, alternately swept away daily work pressure, the cry will also be many vent all unhappiness, and experience the amusement equipment, bring us happiness. Warm prompt: on air force one amusement equipment, please follow the staff's command and passengers arrangement, ensure the security of the ride, to ensure the safety of themselves through a memorable and enjoyable National Day, I wish you a happy National Day, have fun!
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