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by:LETIAN     2020-04-21
Two days before the kimball amusement equipment company and colleagues took a wave, experience the kimball many large-scale amusement equipment, fresh or crazy, high rotary 'diss high wheel amusement equipment appearance is like a large bowl, we surround around, as the music began to spin, roll, disco turntable in strong under the action of centrifugal, high-speed rotation, the feeling of being pushed into the tunnel through time, to strongly held tightly the armrest, next to the auditorium, thrilling, screams, with cheers, connected kept shaking, Edith high turntable runs like the sea waves, the bumps, slow moving fast, can be stimulated. For the first time to play feeling great! Colleagues to play but hey can crazy, dancing in the above and found that it's not terrible. Other big amusement equipment is also very fun to sit on, relief well easily. Together to get to know this large amusement equipment - — Crazy, product characteristics of the high rotary table. Edith high wheel and disco disco turntable, all chatter, space, music turntable and disco turntable can rotate back, shaking and so on ten many kinds of sports. Disco turntable gyro class high speed rotary large amusement equipment. 45 ° degrees of rotation, disco turntable can play is you sit on the seat, the highs, a shock on the will fell off the seat. Visitors took the box under the effect of the strong centrifugal force, the high-speed rotation, as if being pushed into the object, beyond time and space, thread, everything thrilling stimulation, wind gallop, aftertaste making a person is boundless. Passengers closely adsorbed in the cockpit, the body no longer belongs to yourself, give all you can trust the amusement equipment, as long as you hold the chance of success, with this can be achieved for the inner self. Let ear the howl of the wind with you every time the joy of victory often belongs to the brave. Large amusement equipment - — 24 people disco turntable technical parameters: voltage: 380 v power: 15 kw wheel diameter: 4. 5 m maximum Angle: 21 ° seating capacity: 24 people area: 7 m * 8 m
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