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by:LETIAN     2020-04-22
Invest a large outdoor playground, even if only 23000 square playground, amusement equipment, the investment amount is not less than one million yuan, a large-scale theme park is usually need to hundreds of millions of investment, in our country in recent years more and more large outdoor playground, kimball domestic large playground client, investment amount of $has more than 30, and this type of large outdoor playground light large outdoor amusement facilities purchasing amount is as high as several million to tens of millions of amount, in the face of such a large investment, once the amusement park, how to a good business the growing popularity of amusement parks, security management of large outdoor playground? In general, large outdoor playground season on March - In October, the peak season time is longer, the north may season relatively shorter time, because of the large outdoor amusement facilities in the case of too cold is not easy to run, winter generally need to shut down. But relative to the water park, playground, outdoor playground equipment land season longer, earnings length increases, in the face of such a good time, the amusement park to park characteristics of according to oneself, make a different in the subject of marketing. Recommend kimball amusement equipment manufacturer to each big playground of absorption solution to clients, summarized as follows: 1, large outdoor amusement equipment update is one of the enduring guest solution absorption, three to five years if a park amusement equipment or the original amusement equipment, is the tourist not fresh, so smart investor, basically will be replaced every two years a new type of outdoor recreation facilities; 2, in addition to replace large amusement equipment project, decorate a theme park to synchronize also change, such as a playground for the opening theme is to do animals, can decorate holiday in every big holiday theme, enhance the festive mood, also led the ingenious ways of passenger flow; 3, do marketing, outdoor amusement park or different equipment against doing sale promotion, attract more fans to help promote, attract more fresh passenger flow in; 4, cooperation with each big travel, outdoor playground agreement fare; 5, cooperating with local large enterprises, with high-quality staff travel strategic cooperation, 6, make booking mechanism, such as the park each year has not yet been officially opened, before doing other scheduled special offers and when workers began to large outdoor amusement equipment maintenance and repair work. Pre-sales activities can be a lot of began to do, even in cold winter, is also planning a very attractive marketing activities. In the second year of guarantee of hailida international popularity. In a word, good operation at an amusement park is not only the quality of large outdoor amusement equipment will be able to hold up, more major is whether can attract eyeball marketing activities, if there is a huge exposure own playground, whether to have to the tourists who come in to play good gameplay experience, and so on. Of course as staff of large outdoor amusement equipment manufacturer, we always think, in the form a complete set of quality qualified manage large outdoor amusement facilities is the playground of the most important, otherwise affect again good also curb.
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