【 Jump off a building machine 】 _ rotation jump off a building machine amusement equipment

by:LETIAN     2020-05-02
Rotating jump off a building is a large stimulus amusement equipment, is a professional theme park rides must exist, is also one of the many young men and women will play amusement equipment, the rotation of the kimball try jumping off a building machine comparing with the traditional give expulsion-typely jump off a building machine, play more exciting, a broader view, can rotate 360 degrees to hoist, scenery at the foot of take in everything in a glance. Rotate the space shuttle, rotating jump off a building machine, also called sounding spindle, free fall, sounding shuttle amusement equipment name, etc. Since 2017, the upgrade of the rotating jump off a building machine since going public, basically every month order is super saturation state, although the kimball recreational production site area of nearly 40000 square meters, but the space is not enough now, for shipment in May 4 jump off a building machine, equal to need two separate workshops for production of rotation jump off a building machine. In June, has been out of the two rotating jump off a building machine, but also need the 3 at the end of this month, the final test experiment site had to be set up to the front of the office building, in this also warn broad customer, before order must give amusement equipment manufacturer, especially in the production of large-scale amusement equipment supplier to reserve enough production time, one is the guarantee equipment quality, the second is the rotating machine by jumping off a building revenue effect is good, the rate of return on investment is considerable. Play to jump off a building machine, will be more exciting than a roller coaster. So are going to jump off a building machine, in terms of physical quality and psychological quality needs to have certain conditions. Young children and the elderly, and pregnant women, who have high and low blood pressure, does not recommend jump off a building machine. Take notes 1 jump off a building machine. Passengers should obey the rules of the equipment operation, please follow the attendant's instructions. 2. The following persons can't take this equipment: spine disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness, such as personnel and alcoholics, pregnant women without self-control. 3. Help. from trivial action inconvenience or height less than 1 m children under the age of eight should not ride alone. 4. Take hands should always be in the process of the handrail. 5. Please fasten your seat belt. 6. Cannot carry spare items in the process of riding, cannot carry dangerous goods, such as knives, inflammable and explosive articles, etc. 7. Don't allow their journey without authorization. 8. In the process of amusement, visitors should be keeping a close eye on safety state, timely remind tourists pay attention to safety matters, timely and correct the tourists do not conform to the requirements of the safety behavior, eliminate safety hidden trouble. 9. In case of tourist safety accidents occur, according to the prescribed procedures take rescue measures, earnest, responsible for handling. Jumped to his factory, jump off a building machine quotation, jump off a building machine technical parameters, please attention: WWW. jbyoule。 com
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